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Friday, 24 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 24 May

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your review of Friday’s episodes.

The Weatherfield remake of Charlie’s Angels leaves a lost to be desired as elite female crime fighting team some women who apparently have no jobs to do: Leanne, Toyah and Sarah hatch a plan to bring down a master criminal set on world destruction expose Nick’s financial irregularities. Plan A is for Toyah to go to Rick’s office and just ask him and his henchwoman Sharon if they’ve heard of Nick Tilsley (ooh foxlike cunning). When the Dastardly and Muttley of loan-sharking both shake their heads and say they haven’t, the Angel’s launch Plan B. Leanne rings up Rick, puts on an accent straight out of Bread and sets up a meeting with him at a random address. Then when he leaves, they break into the office and look for evidence. As they’re trying to jimmy open a filing cabinet, Muttley comes in. She quickly spots that something is wrong, but luckily Sarah is on hand to whack her over the head with a heavy object. After making sure she’s still breathing they all run off with Rick’s ledger of names and the collection of passports. But Nick isn’t in either of them.

Meanwhile the subject of their investigation is spending the entire day just striding around the Street saying he needs to be somewhere but never actually getting there. Although I did notice that his coat has a blood red lining in it like Count Dracula’s cape, so maybe he’s actually immortal and time has no meaning for him? After rudely refusing Gary a job he strides into Trim Up North where he and David proceed to slag off Natalie, with David saying she’s far too cack-handed to make it as a barber. But because no one in Weatherfield seems to understand how ears work, they do this whilst about three feet away from the subject of their derision, who understandably gets the hump. When one of Craig’s policeman mates drops in for a trim, Natalie wastes no time in getting a date with him and dropping some unsubtle hints to David about what secrets she might spill to him on their date. On Count Nickula’s advice David decides to go the Bistro to spy on her.

Over at Streetcars Tim and Steve have made up, but can’t see a way out of their problems. Enter another fabulous female threesome (someone get Independent Women playing on a loop). Eileen, Liz and Tracy announce that they are going to run Streetcars. Tracy and Liz will be driving cabs and Eileen will apply for an operator’s license. Steve and Tim reluctantly accept the idea, but they’re still left with the problem of GoLucky and their app. So the girls meet up with Jay, and after Tracy does an unconvincing impression of Joe Pesci in Goodfellas he is persuaded him to produce the app for £5k rather than £20k. That’s the problem with the yoof of today, no backbone.

In other news, at the Rovers Sally, Jenny and Yasmeen return from another horse-riding lesson having decided they should buy a horse. When Sinead hears about the idea, she decides she wants in too and they agree to form a syndicate. Also, Bethany tells Gary she’s persuaded Nick to give Gary a job at the factory, to Sarah’s chagrin.

Back at Dastardly and Muttley’s office Sharon is nursing a sore head and telling her boss she doesn’t remember anything…except the name Sarah. It surely won’t take Rick long to work out who’s behind the break-in. I’m hoping he’ll go around to No. 8 with a giant net or a try dropping a large anvil on the Platt house.

After working out Toyah's plan to expose her boyfriend's dodgy dealings Leanne tells Nick she wants the truth about where the money for the barbers came from. He tries to wriggle out of it but Leanne tells him she knows he’s lying, and if he 's a liar and a cheat he could be a murder too and she’s not sure she wants to be with him any more.

Back at the Bistro Natalie is telling her date Andrew that she and David kissed and now he is obsessed with her. Feeling protective he tells David that he knows everything and that he needs to leave Natalie alone. Unfortunately, this is at just the moment that Shona arrives. Hearing the word ‘kissed’ she loses it and punches Natalie before storming off. Outside as she is about to leave with her new bloke Natalie tells David that he’s the sort of man she’d want to have no secrets from. Is she bluffing or will she reveal Nick and David’s secret?

It's big story week next week, is everyone looking forward it?

Kosmo will be writing your Friday  reviews for the next couple of weeks but if you miss me you can catch my pointless mutterings on twitter @mskelstar


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Anonymous said...

What lessons in morals Coronation Street shows young people. We had a burglary, a person hit on the head, a person being punched, a person being threatened and intimidated, blackmail and many, many lies. All in one day.

Tashacat said...

Who’s looking after baby Bertie? Has he disappeared into the void, where Corrie kids go?
Also, won’t Tracy and Liz have to apply for PSV licences?
Am I overthinking everything?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I wondered that too--how can three people just come in and say they're going to run it? I seem to remember it took other characters a while to obtain their driver's license. And is Tracy giving up the flower shop? One more example of Corrie's new painful attempt at sitcom humor--like Chesney and Gemma camping. Set up an impossibly contrived situation to create "humor." Speaking of which, the scene with the hotshot app designer was painfully bad.


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