Friday, 24 May 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 24 May

Friday May 24th

TOYAH, LEANNE AND SARAH ATTEMPT A HEIST After Sarah backs out at the last minute Toyah and Leanne call at Rick’s office and quiz him about Nick Tilsley.  Rick’s adamant he’s never heard of him and the girls leave frustrated. Masquerading as a customer, Leanne phones Rick and sets up a meeting with him at a random address.  Having watched Rick set off, the girls break into his office. As Leanne and Toyah search Rick’s office for evidence, they’re horrified to realise there’s someone at the door.
NATALIE’S NOT GOING TO MAKE LIFE EASY FOR DAVID After Natalie hears David and Nick discussing how their plan to keep her sweet backfired she wastes no time in agreeing to a date with a client who is a policeman and makes sure Nick knows exactly what she is doing.
ITS GIRL POWER AT STREETCARS With Tim and Steve at odds and Steve only able to work in the switch the guys are stunned when Tracy Eileen and Liz arrive and announce that they are going to run Streetcars, Tracy and Liz will be driving cabs and Eileen will apply for an operator’s license. ELSEWHERE Sally returns from her riding lesson and suggests to Tim they should buy a horse as the bond between human and horse can be very therapeutic.

Friday May 24th

LEANNE WONDERS WHO SHE CAN TRUST As Sharon lets herself into the office suddenly Sarah appears - have they all been caught red handed? 
DAVID LOSES CONTROL OF THE SITUATION David sits n the bistro eavesdropping on Natalie and Andrew her date. Andrew comes over and accuses Dvid of fancying Natalie, as Shona arrives looking for David she overhears Andrew saying he knows David tried to kiss Natalie. Can David get out of this one? 
THE WOMEN IN STEVE’S LIFE RALLY ROUND Steve and Tim reluctantly accept that Eileen’s plan is the only viable one but point out it still doesn’t solve the problem of GoLucky. Eileen, Tracy and Liz meet up with Jay and persuade him to produce a Street Cars App at a knockdown price.
ELSEWHERE When Sally reveals her intention to buy a race horse, Jenny, Sinead and Yasmeen agree to buy in too and form a syndicate.  Sally’s thrilled.

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