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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Ben Price Interview: Audrey gets Nick nicked

With the threat of Audrey going to the police what is going through Nick’s head?

For him it is now a fight for survival. He needs to protect Leanne and Oliver, he’s not bothered about David, he wants to get him to admit it was him, he will give him the barbers if he has to. He wants the factory back, he is right at the end of Goodfellas when the helicopter is above the house and everything is on the verge of collapsing. He is fighting fires and he has narrowed it down to don’t lose Leanne and don’t lose the factory, keep a business and keep a relationship. He believes his family will come round in the end.

Does he care about losing the respectability?

Weirdly now he just thinks that they are all stupid, he has no respect so he doesn’t care any more about the respectability. He tried that and it didn’t work, now he doesn’t care about that. For Nick it is all about the percentages and he believes he won’t be found guilty but he might still lose the business and that’s what he can’t face.

How does he feel about Sarah trying to run the business?

He thinks that is a joke, she is doing it so badly in his opinion, she wants him out and now she is with Adam who is supposed to be representing him which is crazy. He knows what Sarah is up to and he is aghast. He is worried he has no way in.

What happens between David and Nick once the truth is out?

This is where their relationship starts to break and down and the Cane and Abel dynamic begins. He is thinking now rapidly and quickly and what David needs to say to ensure they don’t go to prison. If David follows what he says they have a chance and if he doesn’t they will both go down but both brothers are trying to undermine each other as quickly as they can.

Presumably that will be their downfall?

Yes that is how things go wrong, once someone decides to tell the truth to try and save their own back everyone will pay. There were only the two of them, three with Natalie but they could have dealt with her. Nick thinks David has had kids and gone all moral.

Is Nick keen to keep the truth from Leanne?

If he could keep the details of what happened from her he would, if he has to appear in court he wouldn’t want her there. He wants his version of the truth for her, but she is savvy and gives him an ultimatum leaving him no choice but to come clean, but still with what he believes is the truth. It is important however that Leanne does not become a victim in this, Leanne holds all the cards and it works brilliantly.

Are you enjoying playing this story?

It’s amazing, it really is great, I get to be absolutely vile to everyone, justifiably. The audience have more of the pages of the script than the people Nick is talking to do. This is natural Nick, this is naturally where he sits now, he wants everyone out of his way, Barlow has gone for now. His head is elsewhere, Carla has gone from business, David isn’t what he was, he is ticking people off.

Are you looking forward to the power struggle between David and Nick? 

Yes because it is very interesting, you spend time building a character up and you slowly destroy that character to maybe build up again later, maybe Nick will stay like that, maybe he will remain arch. You will never know what he will do next, he is not constantly doing bad things and at times he will redeem himself.

Does he fear going to prison?

Oh yes that is not his natural place, David can cope with it but it is not in Nick’s coping mechanism. The fact that he can’t use what he uses outside, inside, his suit, his status, his wit, his brain, he will be reduced to being a number and a pre for anyone else in that prison, he is not a fighter. Prison would be a nightmare for him.

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