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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 22 May 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's episode part one, all wrapped up in a handy blog review.  

Steve's run of bad luck with Streetcars continues as GoLucky' are stealing all his customers and after his run-in with police and the robbery, he feels disheartened. Tracy tells him he can't give up, and he's soon back in the cab office armed with biscuits. Still feeling shaken though, Steve is called out for a fare and decides to go out armed again, only this time it's with a baseball bat stowed away in the cab.

At Roy's Rolls, Nick's slippery twists and turns (just what is he hiding?) continue. After picking apart Toyah's lie with ease, the dastardly factory boss asks Gary to cover for him, should the police ask him where the barber's fitting job money came from. Before leaving for a mystery meeting, Nick still has time to fill Leanne with more lies.

Apologising to David, Shona pays him a visit at the barbers and tries to make amends for the dinner date disaster, as a jealous Natalie looks on.

Also playing Leanne for a fool, Imran continues to deceive his girlfriend's sister and makes out he's on Tinder now he's split with Toyah. Questioning her job, Imran tells her that her secretarial position at the solicitors remains safe.

Roy apologises to Brian, in Wayne's absence, about his recent outburst. Later on, and bumping into Wayne outside the factory, Roy admits he is still carrying the stress of Carla's current mental state.

Paula and Sophie are back on the street following the pony trekking, regaling tales to Sally of ham and Pedro (!?) in Spain. Sally's tales of city farm riding suggest her social climbing skills are about to come to the fore again. Nick tells Leanne that Paula is still helping him to keep the police away from investigating his accounts. Trying to explain away any doubts to Leanne, Nick is now evermore desperate to keep the truth at bay.

Craig pays another visit to the barbers to see Natalie. However, David doesn't want to leave her on her own. That is until Natalie subtly suggests telling the young PC some home truths. David seems reluctant to leave her there and leaves Shona alone at home again.

Weighed down with Nick's troubles, Leanne confides in Sarah about the police sniffing around, only for Sarah to reveal that £30k went in and out of the factory books very quickly. Leanne decides to dig deeper. Phoning Elsa, Leanne finds out that the £30k didn't come from her at all, and as Sarah admits Gary's recent loan shark escapades, Leanne has food for thought.

Back at the barbers, David lets down Shona again as he's stuck training Natalie. After flirting in front of Craig, Natalie decides to take the lead and gives David a massive snog!

Just what is she playing at?

Out on the pick-up, Steve's nerves are shot, and to make matters worse, he ends up with a cab full of mouthy lads. Back on Coronation Street, the gang of lads try and do a fare dodge, Steve is quick to act with his bat. Chasing the lads down the street, one of them is suddenly hit by a car.

Steve's bad luck seems to have just gotten a lot worse!

I'll be back soon with a review of the 8.30pm episode.

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