Saturday, 25 May 2019

Conversation Street Podcast Episode 364

On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 17th and the 24th May.

This week, Nick's lies look set to come home to roost as the Toyah and Leanne hunt for evidence that might prove he's been up no good, and Natalie threatens to dob him in to the dibble over Audrey's stolen money. Meanwhile, things go from bad to worse for Steve at Street Cars, Sally fulfills her (newly discovered) lifelong dream of buying a horse, and Roy and Wayne part on bad terms.

After Street Talk, we pay tribute to the late Andrew Hall in the Kabin, and talk over some of our memories of his time playing Marc Selby on the cobbles. Then, after a spot of feedback from our listeners - and we've actually found someone who enjoys watching Geoff, would you believe? - we go right off topic for an hour to discuss our thoughts on the final season of Game of Thrones with friends of the podcast Charlie de Melo and Georgia Taylor!

Street Talk - 00:10:26
The Kabin - 02:01:11
Feedback - 02:12:17
Game of Thrones chat with Charlie de Melo and Georgia Taylor - 02:37:58

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