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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 15 May

Wednesday 15th May 2019

ROY MAKES A CALL Carla wakes to find Johnny and Roy at her hospital bedside and freaks out. The doctor tells Roy that she seems keen to see her partner Peter. Roy tells Ken who refuses to call Peter saying that nothing should get in the way of his recovery. Will Roy accept Ken’s advice?
STEVE FEARS TRACY WON’T BE ‘APPY’ Tim introduces Steve to a young lad called Jay, a computer whizz who can design them an App that’ll knock GoLucky off the top spot but it’ll cost £20k.  Steve reveals that he’s got £20k but it was supposed to be for the deposit on a new house.
ALINA MEETS THE FAMILY Alina calls at No.11 and after explaining that the electricity is out at the salon, suggests they spend the day together.  Seb’s chuffed.
ELSEWHERE When Kirk confirms he’s meeting the talent scout for lunch, Beth’s suspicious of her motives. When an excited Kirk tells Beth that the talent scout wants to sign him up for a 6 weeks tour, Beth studies the business card and realises they’re looking for comedy acts. In the barber’s, Natalie nags David to give her some proper training and reveals it’s her birthday.  David sends her on an early lunch.

Wednesday 15th May 2019

PETER FEELS PUSHED OUT IN THE COLD BY KEN When the doctor tells Peter that Carla is being ut on antipsychotic medication and being sent home. Peter tells Ken he is moving Carla in to number 1. Ken tells him they are not welcome as Peter is not well enough to look after himself let alone Carla and is furious when he discovers Roy is letting them move into the flat.
TRACY URGES STEVE TO DO WHAT IT TAKES Unimpressed by Steve’s plans to spend the house deposit on an app for Streetcars Tracy tells Steve to get out instead and do illegal street picks us to make some more money.
SEB AND ALINA TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL When Seb refuses to introduce Abi to Alina, admitting he’s embarrassed to be seen with her, Abi’s cut to the quick. Seb takes Alina back to No.11. When he suggests she stays the night, Alina agrees but tells him she’s one or two things to sort out first and she’ll be back about 10.30pm.
ELSEWHERE  Beth tentatively breaks the news to Kirk that Jasmine is a comedy scout and the reason people enjoy his songs is because they find them funny.  Kirk’s hurt. After a chat with Abi, Kirk tells Beth he’s going ahead with his tour as his songs put a smile on people’s faces and that’s all that matters. David finds Natalie in the pub, knocking back birthday drinks.  He steers her back to work. In the barber’s, drunken Natalie annoys Nick by making snide digs about his dodgy dealings.

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dhvinyl said...

Dear oh dear oh dear....I think the scriptwriters need to go on the same medication as Carla.

James Knight said...

It's the same characters over and over.

Where's Ryan and Ali!? They were the highlight in last weekes episodes after months of not appearing and now they've disappeared again!

Anonymous said...

Lynne from Ottawa -- Kirk has a lovely voice so why are the writers humiliating him? Too bad they are squandering his talent.


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