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Friday, 17 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 15 May 8.30pm

As promised, here is part two of this Wednesday's Corrie, all wrapped up in a handy blog review.

Peter's chivalrous exit from rehab to save Carla does little to improve the flakey relationship with his father. Gallantry aside, Peter is angry at Ken not telling him that Carla had been found. As Peter blames the booze, Ken blames Roy for Peter's rehab recklessness.

Seb tells Abi he isn't introducing Alina to her as he's too embarrassed, then swiftly takes his date back to Eileen's empty house. Confiding in Brian, Abi admits to regretting her past misdemeanours.
Opening up to Alina about his troubled past, Seb's vulnerability seems to have brought the young couple ever closer.

Tracy and Liz are at loggerheads over the tidying up at the flat - it's evident that Tracy's cabin fever is coming to the fore.

Kirk tells Beth that he's pleased about his gig offering, but she tells him that it's actually a comedy gig and not a serious music tour. Kirk is insulted by Beth's harsh honesty. After wise words from Abi, Kirk is in a better mood, and it looks like 'el kirko' is heading on the comedy circuit.

Also at the Rovers, David joins Natalie who is celebrating her birthday with a liquid lunch, which annoys Nick as they have shut 'Trim Up North'.

Later on, and with Natalie still testing Nick's patience, he takes David to one side and tells him to get rid of their cocksure (and all too knowing) trainee.

Waking Carla from her slumber with a kiss, Peter is joined by the mental health team who need to asses her condition. Although Carla isn't at risk to herself, Peter tells Johnny that she will need a home assessment after they discharge her the following day. Johnny wants her at the Rovers but Peter insists that she stays at No.1, even though he's only just entered recovery himself. Ken is still fuming at Peter's stubbornness and selflessness for ignoring his own booze battle in the face of Carla's mental collapse.  Is Ken right in being so protective of his son?.

Down the cab office, Tracy tells Steve that she's reached the end of her tether with Liz. Feeling the tension in the air, the app developer quickly leaves, as Tracy susses something is going on with the cabbies.

Admitting the app cost, Tracy is reluctant to budge and insists they buy a house with the cash instead. Persuading Tracy to reconsider, she decides that Steve must raise some more cash by illegally soliciting a cab for street pick-ups.

Peter visits Roy and gives him the lowdown on Carla's development. Admitting that the atmosphere at No.1 shan't be suitable for Carla, Roy offers to accommodate them both at his flat. With Ken and Peter still at loggerheads, Ken predicts Peter's death by booze and threatens Roy, should anything happen to his son.

Is Ken foreshadowing Peter's demise or will Peter rise above and rescue Carla from her fragile and fraught state?

Let us know your thoughts!. I shall be back same time next week

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