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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Jack P Shepherd interview: David drops Platt family bombshell

What does David think about Natalie? Does he have feelings for her?
He’s not attracted to her physically, she’s not his type at all, they get on but really he’s only keeping her keen and on side because Nick has told him to. He needs to keep her happy so that she doesn’t run her mouth off about the secret she’s keeping for Nick and David.

Does he realise he is putting his relationship with Shona on the line for his and Nick’s secret?
No I don’t think he does really, David doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong in his eyes, he’s just pretending. It’s like a white lie that if Shona doesn’t know it won’t hurt her, he thinks he can handle it. 

Is David looking forward to the family holiday? 
No, I don’t think any of the Platts are; Sarah, David, Nick, they can’t think of anything worse than being cooped up in a lodge which each other for a week. Funnily enough in his old age David doesn’t like lying anymore and has got a bit of a conscience about what he’s done. He’s got a moral compass now, he doesn’t like lying to his family, especially Shona and Audrey.  

How much of a grip on the situation does David believe he has? 
As soon as the police are involved, coming to the barbers and going through the accounts, then David thinks they’re screwed. He tells Nick they need to come clean now but Nick’s adamant they need to hold their nerve.  

What’s going through his head when he sees Natalie arriving at the holiday park?
He knows this is it, it’s all going to come out and he decides he wants to get in there first and come clean to Audrey.

When Shona tells him the engagement is off, what is his first thought?
He’s still trying to convince her that nothing is going on with Natalie, she’s convinced they’re having an affair but David’s adamant he can explain but he just needs to find his gran first and tell her what’s going on. When he does come clean Shona’s obviously still not happy that he’s lied and stolen from his gran, okay he’s not having an affair but he’s still robbed his own family and she’s not sure what’s worse! 

Why does he decide to tell Audrey the truth? How does he feel? Guilt? Regret? Relief he has told the truth?
He’s just sick of lying, he’s spinning all these plates in the air and he doesn’t want to do it anymore. He wants to get it all off his chest and into the open, try and repay Audrey and fix what he’s done before it’s too late.    

Does David really think through the consequences of dropping this bombshell?
Yeah I think he does but the lies are eating him up, he knows he could go to prison but in his mind he deserves it and he’s prepared to face it so he can stop lying to his family. 

Does he give Nick a second thought or does he purposely throw him under the bus to save his own skin?
Not so much throw Nick under the bus, but Nick started all this so David thinks if he’s going down he’s going to take Nick down with him. David doesn’t think he’s going to get away scott free, there’s going to be consequences for the pair of them but he’s prepared to face that.   

Is David a match for Nick?
I think Nick is the more devious one these days, he’s the one trying to claw back something from the lie, he’s the one trying to push the blame onto David, he’s the one who’s still trying to get away with it whereas David is prepared to accept his fate.    

David has done some bad things in the past, do you think this is one of the worst?
No I don’t think so, yes he’s stolen from his gran but no one has actually suffered any physical harm, he did push his mum down the stairs and gave Nick a brain injury remember! It’s still a massive emotional scar though that I don’t think the Platts are going to get over for a long time. It will divide the whole family and drive a massive wedge through the Platts. 

What’s it like going head to head with Ben Price as you are close friends in real life?
Yeah I love those scenes, we’re such good friends now that we can workshop them ourselves and we’re on the same level, so was Matt (Hilton) who was directing, so we could play around with them and bring in our own ideas. Because we know each other so well we both tend to have the same opinions now when we’re looking at scripts so Ben’s really easy to work with and I hope he’d say the same about me. I think the scenes will be really great to watch. Sue was amazing as well, she had a lot of dialogue and she was brilliant, I love working with Sue.

How close are you to the Platts in real life? Do you treat each other like family?
In real life we’re really close, in fact while we were filming these episodes me, Tina and Lucy decided that we would stay in the lodge, the main reason being that there was a hot tub, so we stayed over and had our own little jolly. We had such a nice time, it was really funny because we went into the local town for dinner like a little family. It must have been a bit surreal just seeing the Platt family walk into the restaurant for dinner together and sit down at a table next to you. We had our own little holiday.     

How different is it filming out on location?
Filming out on location can be tough but it was sunny and that’s half the battle, if it’s warm and you can get on with filming it’s great. It was sunny, we finished early, we were working with great people, I love the Platts, so it was all good.     

Would you be friends with David?
Yeah I think I would because he’s got that dark sense of humour but can also be a really good friend. If he’s your mate he’s right by your side, he’ll only do the dirty on someone who’s done the dirty on him, he’d never just hurt someone for the fun of it like Tracy, there’d always be some sort of reasoning behind it with David. So as long as I didn’t get on the wrong side of him I think it’d be fine and we’d get on.   

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