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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Tina O'Brien interview: Platts on a pedalo

Prior to The Platts family holiday, how is Sarah feeling about this week?
Sarah is down in the dumps about Gary, she has got her own problems at this point. She has realised that she is not going to have the future that she thought with her man. She is reluctant for the holiday because she is thinking, ‘Oh great, family in a lodge, this could be hell on Earth!’ But she is also excited to spend a bit of time with her gran and her mum so she is quietly optimistic for a nice, normal holiday…

How does Sarah feel towards Gary?
There is too much lying and there’s not been enough communication so it’s done. She is gutted and she misses him but he isn’t able to guarantee that these things will change. When she finds out he is not coming on the trip, she is disappointed that something has come up again because that seems to be the ongoing problem. 

What’s Sarah’s first thoughts when she finds out what David and Nick have done?
Sarah is devastated and feels like there is no coming back from it. 

If Sarah had to choose between a waring Nick and David, who would she side with?
She would choose David. David has had his issues in the past and Sarah has always found ways to forgive him, maybe it’s because he is her little brother and she always wants to sort out his problems. She feels so betrayed with Nick. David is quite remorseful but Sarah feels Nick has an attitude which she is really hurt by. As far as she is concerned she never wants to see Nick again, she doesn’t want to work in the factory with him, she wants him out. 

The Platts have had their fair share of problems with other people but this the first time that they have imploded, what did you think when you read the scripts?
Anything that involves me being on set with a bunch of Platts, I’m in heaven. I love being with the guys; we all have quite different personalities but we all gel so well. It feels really good to be a part of and there’s going to be more to come as we see the fall-out from this and we see the ways that The Platts try to make this work as a family. 

Do you think this could be what tears The Platts apart?
Yes, I do. Audrey is heartbroken and what they have done to her is unforgivable and so painful. Sarah feels very betrayed by them as well. 

Sarah has a good heart but she always seems to be the one to sort other people’s issues out. How much do you think Gary and The Platts will lean on her for help this time?
It’s interesting because the writers write her like she is a nice girl but sometimes the things she gets involved in, I think she is very forgiving! With The Platts, she is able to hold her own and she is quite feisty.  She has let Gary walk all over her but in situations she is able to look after herself as well. 

How do you, as Tina, feel about the possibility that Sarah and Gary’s relationship is over?
It’s really difficult because I love working with Mikey! He is the greatest guy to work with professionally and we work so well, it’s like a dance. However if I was to advise Sarah I’d say that she should get away from Gary, he’s bad news! But I do think Sarah and Gary work so well and I really enjoy working with Mikey. 

How much do the Platts treat each other like family, off-screen?
Helen is very caring and mothering, if I ever have a problem or I need advice I go to Helen, without a doubt. She really listens and always makes me feel very loved and looked after. Jack is a real wind-up merchant but I love him dearly so I guess that’s how I would feel about a little brother! Lucy actually calls me mum sometimes and Ben is like an older brother, wise and caring. Sue is wonderful; I love listening to Sue, I love watching Sue, I love Sue as Sue, I love Sue as Audrey. It is like a fake, weird family. 

As the matriachs of The Platts, do you feel like you still learn a lot from Helen and Sue?
Absolutely. To me, Sue and Helen are Coronation Street and to be around that, I go wow. The way they are as mother and daughter and how they wind each other up is so natural. That’s family to me and that is very clever. 

What was it like working on location?
It was lovely, we felt like we were on holiday because we even stayed in the lodges and had a brilliant time. It’s very different from filming on the street because when you are at Coronation Street you are jumping from blocks and doing a lot of different strands at the same time but when we were filming on location it was in a lodge, by a lake, so it felt like we were filming a mini drama. 

Do you think Sarah should be worried about Rick?
Yes I do, and she knows that too so I think she should be very worried.

What advice would you give to Sarah?
Move! Move everyone and change your phone number!

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