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Monday, 20 May 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 20 May

Monday May 20th

TOYAH SPIES AN OPPORTUNITY In the cafe, Toyah confides in Leanne how difficult it’s been living with Imran since Rana’s death.  She’s horrified to realise Imran overheard every word. Toyah returns home and apologises to Imran.  But he’s unforgiving and asserts that she’s made her thoughts quite plain, and it’s over between them.  Toyah’s gutted.
STEVE TWISTS IN THE WIND Steve is shocked to find the police quizzing Tim over a robbery at a petrol station involving a streetcars cab. What will Steve do?
DAVID’S CRUSHED TO HAVE A NEW ADMIRER With Shona increasingly jealous at the time David is spending with Natale, Gail tells him she thinks Natalie has a crush on him and he should keep her at arm’s length, Gail offers to babysit so Shona and David can go out. But with the police breathing down their neck Nick tells David he needs to keep Natalie sweet.
ELSEWHERE Beth’s upset when Kirk makes it clear she’s still in the dog house as far as he’s concerned. Kirk assures Sean he’s not really cross with Beth, he’s putting it on and he’s actually planning to surprise her with a song he’s written especially for her. Brian quizzes Roy about his trip to Portsmouth, wondering if he solved the mystery of the ring.  Roy’s evasive. When Brian reveals that he’s done some further research on the ring and enlisted the help of Wayne, Roy masks his worries and paints on a smile.

Monday May 20th

NICK SEES THROUGH TOYAH Seeing how upset Toyah is after her bust up with Imran Leanne tells Nick she has invited her to move in and that she was only telling Imran she believed Nick was involved in the factory collapse to humour Imran. Nick is furious and as Toyah makes herself at home Nick lets her know he doesn’t trust her.
STEVE HAS QUESTIONS TO ANSWER Will Steve tells the police he was driving but had no choice as the robber threatened him but will he confess to picking the guy up illegally.
DAVID STANDS SHONA UP Natalie persuades David to stay late and give her some more training, she thanks him and cracks open a beer. Back at home Shona has prepared a romantic meal but when David finally gets home stinking of beer she is fuming.
ELSEWHERE When Brian and Wayne try to interest him in their research, Roy ushers them out of the cafe, making out he needs to close up as he’s due at Ken’s.  Wayne’s concerned for him. Kirk performs his special song for Beth outside the pub.  Beth’s deeply touched. Kirk leaves in a taxi for his musical tour and Beth bids him an emotional farewell.

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Gilles27 said...

I assume that Toyah and Imran staged their row so that Toyah can get close to Leanne to spy on Imran's behalf.


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