Monday, 20 May 2019

Coronation Street Episode review Monday 20th May

It's a Battersbabe special as Leanne and Toyah make up over coffee and sticky buns and Toyah puts away her counselling hat in order to make up with her sis. She needs her as well, as Toyah confesses to Lee that Imran has been "doing her head in". Of course Imran is there to overhear and after some blarney about Nick's various arrests, during which Toyah takes Leanne's side, they split up and she moves back in with Leanne. Nick's suspicious, as well as he should be - it turns out that Toyah and Imran are doing some undercover work, getting Leanne's confidence so Toyah can discover the truth. She should just wait 'til Corrie's Big Week, and find out with the rest of us.

Also, I have to say that it's no wonder that waiting times for NHS counselling services are so long what with Toyah spending every waking hour i) in the cafe ii) running after Imran iii) trying to solve the mystery of the roof.

Kirk is off on his tour and hasn't forgiven Beth for not telling him that people are laughing at, and not with, him. He is also faking it - he is pretending to be cross with Beth because he's written a song for her:"A Nice Pair of Puppies", which he sings to her outside the pub, and they make up.

Meanwhile, Natalie and David banter/flirt in the barbers whilst the weasel looks on suspiciously. And so does Gail who gives David some relationship advice, namely, don't eff it up with Shona like you did once before. Ever the concerned mum, she says she will take the kiddies to the flicks to give them some romantic space. Unfortunately, naughty Natalie gets "Dave" to do some training with her, they have a beer, or two. I suppose Natalie is David's type (a dark haired bad girl) and Shona has gone from wallet thief to wifey in a year or so.

Steve is off work with a "scratchy throat" aka avoiding the cab office in case the coppers turn up - I'm pretty sure even Weatherfield PD could ask where he lives and rock up there. He does go to work, just as the police come 'round to ask about the 'getaway driver'. Steve 'fesses up straight away, including that he picked up the garage robber of the street i.e. illegally. Tim and Steve argue, with Steve bringing up Tim's DUI, but this is nowt compared to Tracy finding out, and to rub salt into the open wound, Omar's left to go work for GoLucky with Brenda.

And finally, Roy refuses to talk to Wayne and Brian about the ring and asks Wayne to stay away from the caff. And other things we learnt tonight:

  • Gail came third in a Butlins bonny baby compeition
  • Sean's Mastermind specialist subject would be: Adele, Rainbow (the TV programme, not the rock band) and Carrie Bradshaw. So he presumes he'd get through the first round then!
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Jan said...

Why was Roy so nasty to Wayne? I felt sorry for Wayne, he was only trying to be nice.

coconno196 said...

Yes, that seemed unnecessary and cruel. Clearly Roy has discovered something unpleasant about the ring but why take it out on Wayne?

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