Saturday, 11 May 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 10 May 2019

Obviously Mary's gurning ability does not go unnoticed so Tracy's comment above was no doubt inserted by Damon Alexis-Rochefort to match Mary's expression above.  Mary is vexed about Freda and the whereabouts of Norris (as indeed have many viewers who were so pleased when he returned to grace our screens this week).

Speaking of Norris he was given a whole series of lines including this one - Mary has restarted her argument with Freda (well you can hardly blame her, neither Norris or Freda has been particularly gentle about pursuing the divorce and indeed announcing their engagement, I thought it was improper to be married to one lady and promised to another).  Above Norris is asking if Mary will be turning her skills to political ends if she has finished with Freda!

Alya has asked when Ryan will finish work - he answers in the modern sense of "never" (above).  She is only worried about this evening - Wednesday evening is student evening at Speed Dahl and he is dj on the decks.

I cannot record an entire scene but I felt I should celebrate this piece of television as Rita fills in new viewers and Freda on Mary's history with Brendan, "The Inexplicable" and falls to reading the letters which Norris had kept from Mary.  And Rita delighting in reading the letters reminds us all of a different world - these days emails, whatapp and Messenger mean that letters simply do not get stored for someone to find; but it was nicely done.

Emma asked Dev if he had any special talents and Dev claims he can do a mean David Bowie.  This cuts no ice with Emma - she responds with a "Who?".  I struggle to believe that a girl of Emma's age might not know the name!

In Victoria Gardens Mary having been informed of the demise of Brendan believes he has been re-incarnated as a robin.  Great acting by Patti Clare and no doubt some clever work by the production team in ensuring that a robin appears in front of her.  So good work all the way round.

Apologies I was not here last week; I was in Cornwall.  And I won't be here for a couple of weeks as I will be in Greece.

Writers: Damon Alexis-Rochefort (Monday); Debbie Oates (Wednesday); Ellen Taylor & Owen Lloyd-Fox (Friday)
Directors:  Neil Alderton (Monday); Abe Juckes (Wednesday & Friday)


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Anonymous said...

I found nothing 'comical' about Mary's storyline with Norris and Freda.
It's mean spirited with Freda cruelly letting Mary believe that Norris had 'died' and that she had his ashes.
I'm very disappointed that Norris and Rita both of whom Mary considered her good friends would be so nasty to in return,Rita in particular reading Mary's private letters from Brendan to Freda.
It's not right that Mary is portrayed as the hysterical villain when she's the victim and Norris deserved better than this terrible exit story line.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Mary may come over as a wacko but she did not deserve this cruelty and mockery. Norris also deserves a better exit.

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