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Julia Goulding interview: Will Shona lose David to Natalie?

What is going through Shona’s head when she is constantly seeing David with Natalie?
The green-eyed monster, that’s who is in her head! People usually have an angel and a devil on their shoulder but for Shona, that angel has gone. Shona is livid.

How much is the past and what Shona went through with David moving Emma in playing on Shona’s insecurities?
For me the actor, I have drawn on the hurt that Shona has felt when she found out he moved Emma in because obviously at the time Shona didn’t know what was going on with David and it was that cold, callous, dismissal of her that hurt her the most. There is definitely a hangover from that because it hasn’t even been a year since all that happened. Natalie is young and gorgeous and she is working with David constantly and every time Shona sees them together they seem to be having a lot of fun. Shona is babysitting his kids while he is out galavanting and it’s not on!

How much does Shona trust David?
At the moment not much but then again she does trust him because they have been through so much and they have fought so hard to be together. This is why she is angry rather than upset because she feels like he has no respect for their relationship. She is thinking, “He is willing to throw everything away for this fling?”

How much does Shona see herself in Natalie?
If you think about it, Natalie is a little rough and tumble, urchin coming off the streets and that was Shona two and a half years ago. This is why Shona feels threatened because she does believe there is a possibility that David could fancy Natalie back. Natalie is David’s type.

What is Shona hoping to achieve by asking Billy to get information for her?
Shona wants to know if there is anything going on between David and Natalie so then she can make an informed decision because she isn’t getting anything out of David but she knows he is hiding something. She actually asks Roy first and he tells her where to go! Roy would be awful at trying to pry and get information from David, he’s far too honest.

What’s Shona’s first thoughts when she hears that David is in the bistro with Natalie?
She thinks that is a bit stupid that he is going across the road to have a secret date! Shona is on the warpath, the red mist comes down and she is not thinking straight. She goes straight in there because she is not pussy-footing around them anymore; she goes in there to catch them in the act.

If Shona and Natalie did lock horns, who would win?
Shona without a doubt, no question. Natalie is tiny and you just wouldn’t cross Shona!

Do you like Shona?
I do like her and she is really fun to play. She does make some mistakes and she is a bull in a china shop but I can relate to that so I think that is why I like her. She means well but she just gets it wrong sometimes.

What advice would you give to Shona?
Shona shouldn’t focus too much on Natalie even though she is trying her best to wind Shona up. Shona needs to work on David because she wants the truth and she knows something is going on. Shona would just rather know what’s up with David either way then she can decide whether to leave or stay.

If David did tell Shona the truth about Audrey’s money, what reaction do you think Shona would have?
That is just cold and I think she would prefer David and Natalie to have an affair, if I am honest. Stealing from your own grandmother is not who David is and it’s not the person she fell in love with, I don’t think Shona would even recognise them and I think that could break them.

Glenda Young
Author: Belle of the Back Streets

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Strange, but when I see Shona in the café, I forget that she's David's partner and they live together. They've never looked or felt right on-screen so it wouldn't bother me at all if they split up. I'm not a huge fan of Daniel & Sinead but I never forget they're a couple.

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