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Coronation Street Episode Review; Friday 4 January 2019

Welcome to 2019 and here is my view of Friday night on the Street.

Gail has spent the night on the sofa having conceded her bed to the bereaved Audrey and Gail complains to David about the impact of getting older.  He joshes that she should ask Lewis about such matters before reminding us that such a discussion is not possible.  Audrey of course has not only lost her partner but also her money.  The evidence is mounting that Lewis had access to her online passwords so made off with the money.  Audrey retires to bed to complete the crossword.  Audrey tells Gail that Lewis can have a pauper's funeral for all she cares.

Paul Foreman is central to a number of events this evening being welcomed by his fellow workers and Izzy in particular thinks she may be onto a winner asking Billy if he knows if Paul is spoken for in any way.  As events unroll we get confirmation that Izzy is barking up the wrong tree and Captain Kirk {Prince of Packing according to reports} has nothing to fear as Paul makes it clear to Billy that his partner of choice would be male and it looks like Billy maybe about to be pulled.

Gemma feels she is being stalked (and has been getting those calls from an unknown source).  Chesney spots a hooded figure following Gemma and chases after it and drags him into Rita's flat where Paul is unmasked as Gemma's sister.  No doubt a writer will be along shortly to explain why twins (apparently he is 10 minutes older) have different surnames and also why Gemma cannot stand the sight of him (although the fact that he calls her Gizmo in reference to the Gremlin that goes psycho might have a lot to do with it).  Gemma asks Carla to sack Paul telling her he is a criminal - but as Billy had already told Carla it has no effect.  Oddly Carla seems to know that Paul is Gemma's brother sister - although I do not remember anyone telling her that.  Paul also hints that Gemma might be up to her old tricks - but we all know Gemma is much reformed from the first time she appeared.  Gemma decides that this town is not big enough for her and Paul so she decides to leave Weatherfield until Chesney convinces her to stay.  He hugs Gemma and they are closing for a kiss - a move which Emma sees - but Chesney refuses to complete and backs away to try and find Emma.  Chesney dives into a ginnel and tries to sort out his feelings for the two women.

Angie has been contacted by her former boss in South Africa - if she will go back then she can have a job a step up from her old job.  But Angie knows Mary will be heartbroken.  With little difficulty Rita convinces Angie that a single mum will find life easier and better in South Africa, so Angie just has to break it to Mary.  Mary of course has to tell Angie about Jude, reporting that he is still lying and disappeared when she and Roy were waiting to bring him back to the Street leaving his hotel bill unpaid.  Later we have a touching scene in the Rovers (above) where Mary recalls times baby sitting George then accepts that Angie has to return to South Africa as she must not throw away such a good opportunity, so Angie departs tomorrow (Monday I suspect); Mary is already looking forward to visiting South Africa.

Under pressure from Gemma, Chesney chases after Emma, inviting her for a picnic [cheesy chips and onion rings] in the park (wear warm clothes) and he does up the area (above) for a planned romantic interlude, Gemma assures Ches he will be on a "promise".  The meeting never happens as it is when Gemma leaves that Chesney spots the stalker, leaving the park to chase him down.  Once again Emma and Chesney's romance is going nowhere, Emma is convinced she was stood up for Gemma which in a sense she was.

Tim and Sophie run into Gina and make it clear to Roy that she is not to be trusted.  Tim and Sophie then ask Imran for help in clearing Sally's name and despite him feeling Sally has been wronged he knows he cannot help them.  Tim and Sophie visit Sally in prison - but she is getting concerned for the future as Abi will be released next week; Tim assures her (with little evidence) that they are working on an appeal.  Gina now wants to make amends for all she has done and she sees Imran going out so rushes into the office when Imran returns, telling her where to look to find a file with Duncan's new address (above).  Tim is threatening all sorts of harm to Duncan as he wants to beat a confession out of him, but Tim does not yet know Duncan's new address so returns unable to find him.  Gina later blackmails Imran (threatening the Law Society) for one more favour - and gives him until tomorrow (Monday presumably) to agree - although we do not know what she wants.

David is planning to redecorate the salon in more modern style to get younger clients when he takes over as promised by Audrey.  However Audrey no longer has any savings as her account was cleared and so she is going to continue working until she is in the ground.  This does not go down well with David!  How many times has this happened?  And of course Maria will be part owner so technically David's boss.  Somehow I doubt harmony will rein (apart from use as hairspray of course).

Writers: Steven Fay and Cameron McAllister
Director: Alan Grint


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