Friday, 11 January 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 11 Jan

Friday 11th January 2019

Claudia is taken away for police questioning but Ken is adamant of her innocence. In the Rovers, Ken tears a strip off Audrey for her treatment of Claudia.
TIM AND SOPHIE PLAY DUNCAN AT HIS OWN GAME Sophie and Tim lure Duncan’s daughter, Olivia, to Speed Daal to get information from her. Olivia angrily calls her Dad. Duncan arrives in Speed Daal to be confronted by Tim. He steers Olivia out of the restaurant but it’s clear Tim’s hit a nerve.
SINEAD FEARS DANIEL ISN’T ATTRACTED TO HER ANYMORE. Sinead brushes her hair and a huge clump comes out but Beth and Daniel are supportive. As Daniel and Sinead await the results of her scan, Sinead bursts into tears, convinced he won’t fancy her when she’s bald so Daniel forms a plan.
ELSEWHERE Brian starts work at the Kabin. First Beth, then Roy call in the Kabin to complain they’ve had the wrong magazine delivered.

Friday 11th January 2019

TIM PUSHES DUNCAN TOO FAR As Duncan speeds away, Tim sets off to Duncan’s flat, wanting to beat a confession out of him. Tim confronts Duncan. Duncan does a runner but Tim catches up with him and lunges at him. Duncan steps back into the road and is hit by a car.
DANIEL SCARES THE HAIR Daniel asks Kirk to give the flat a romantic makeover whilst he attends an appointment. Sinead returns home and is taken aback when Kirk explains Daniel went to get his head shaved. Daniel returns home, will he have gone through with it? After a call from the hospital, Sinead tells Daniel that they’ve got her scan results.
ELSEWHERE Johnny confides in Carla that Jenny was driving the car when it hit Liz and that should the worst happen, he’d be grateful if she would look after the business. Claudia arrives back from the police station.

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Pat said...

They are certainly making use of the new police station set. Is it obligatory that every character has to have at least one scene there?

Anonymous said...

Does everyone on Corrie end up arrested or in jail? They should have a support group!

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