Thursday, 10 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 9th of Jan of 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog.

Revenge, regret, biblical theorising, and Pam Ayres, all laid claim to tonight's superb first half of Coronation Street.

From the pen of Jonathan Harvey, Lewis's funeral was always going to be laced with 'Carry on Corrie' and promising drama, as the dastardly charming cad was laid to rest. With Audrey's money still nowhere to be seen, the salon supremo was in no mood to attend the funeral. Until however, she sees Mary being late with the wreaths and decided to rope in Gail and Nick, in attending the ceremony.

With Billy otherwise engaged (flirty theological fun with Paul), the ceremony was comedically led by Weatherfields 'other vicar' (Hayley Cartwright).

Reminiscent of the salon awards ceremony, Lewis's funeral was full of camp camaraderie;  Evelyn as professional mourner (Blanche #Mark2) Claudia suddenly descending into Pam Ayres territory and Audrey again taking centre stage culminating in her claiming that Claudia had, in fact, nicked the cash, to extend her Salon empire. ABBA also piped through the music system, as Lewis's coffin slowly went to the flames. High camp indeed!.

To draw shade on Lewis's farcical funeral, Corrie gave us a little darkness, with Sally's nightmare conviction, still not overturned. As Gina and Tim try to convince Weatherfield police that Duncan's Mrs is still alive, Sally's ally Abi has now been released and the ex-mayor is left with drug dealing in her cell from her scouse cellmate (I forget her name). When the screws come calling, Sally is blamed as grass, and gets beaten up (off-screen).

Also trying to mitigate in Weatherfield's recent crime wave, Eileen tries to cool down Liz, who from being run over by Jenny, to being conned by Hannah and Jim, quite rightly seeks
to enact revenge and right some wrongs. Has Ellen managed to cool Liz down?. I hope not. Liz going against Jenny is like 'Aud V Claud' but with a harsher more darker slant.

In other news, Brian needs a new job, and Rita is feeling past-it. Can the former teacher run The Kabin, perhaps?.

Like Billy the vicar, I shall be back later for a second date, later tonight, with my review of 8.30pm's episode.

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Sara said...

I thought the funeral scenes were not so much high camp as highly ridiculous. It was like a spoof drama. If there was an NTA category for worst scene this would be a contender.

Christine O'Connor said...

And why did nobody tell Evelyn that it's totally inappropriate to tuck into sandwiches and a flask of tea during a funeral service

Trace Elements said...

Absolutely! Only funny thing about the funeral was Evelyn's glasses falling off her face, which I don't think was supposed to happen.

maggie muggins said...

LOL! Not only was Evelyn tucking into sarnies and tea during the funeral, I looked up and she was holding a teacup, not the usual flask-lid cup people use! She runs hot and cold for me so far, but I do love me a good funeral watcher.

The jollity was a a bit forced, but I did cheer when Audrey got up to try to defend herself again. But we're mow back to what to do with Mary, with dire results at the funeral. And next week she eavesdrops from 2 separate people, then proceeds to give them life advice. Again. it's a recurring boring theme. Losing her son doesn't have to mean she becomes a nosy neighbour.

Anonymous said...

Do the writers not watch scenes after they have been filmed? The funeral might have seemed really funny when they wrote it but was just pathetic when acted out. The whole thing was a shambles.

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