Friday, 11 January 2019

Who is Corrie's new grumpy old man?

Next week in Coronation Street, Sinead will give birth to her baby. It'll be a baby boy and he's going to be named Bertie after Ken's late wife Valerie's Uncle Albert.   You can read more on that here.

News that the spirit of Uncle Albert is returning to Coronation Street has started me wondering about Corrie's new grumpy old men. Where are they?

Without Norris, we've been missing the caustic tongue of an older fella. Indeed, as older men go we've only really got Ken, Johnny and Brian.

It's wonderful to have Evelyn as the battle-axe, superbly played by Maureen Lipman.  She's filled a wonderful Blanche-shaped hole, while taking on the mantle of the battle-axe as her own. I like her a lot.

But where's the new grumpy old man, the new Albert Tatlock?  Could it be Tyrone or Chesney perhaps, in years to come?

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Mags said...

You forgot about Roy. Mind you, Chesney could take the grumpy old man title any day!

Cobblestone said...

There really isn’t anyone who fits the bill at present, other than, as Mags says, Roy. In the past, we had Percy and Alf too. Geoff is in the age bracket but he is a cheery joker. Of current characters, I think Kevin is on the closest trajectory. Maybe we need a new character ... or an old one. Curly Watts, anyone? Being of a philosophical bent, he could moan as well as anyone even in his youth.

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