Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 2nd of Jan of 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog, and a happy new year, to you all!

Like many a man before him, Lewis Archer has been struck by the curse of Corrie's black widow, Gail Rodwell. No sooner had the dastardly cad threatened Gail against thwarting his latest plan, Lewis was dead in the bedroom at Grasmere Drive from a heart attack. Was Lewis really ready to propose to Audrey, or was his suitcase for one a dead give-away? (pun intended). It doesn't bode well for our Audrey,  a mere 20 years after Alf's demise (in Gail's living room), and weeks after Archie Shuttleworth shuffled off this mortal coil, she's again left to wallow in grief.

Lewis hasn't even gone cold before Gail is sanctimoniously slagging him off to Shona, and Audrey vows to ostracise her daughter.

At Roy's Rolls, Mary meets Angie for a coffee and briefly mentions Jude's (barely) noticeable absence. Angie however, is ready to move on, and out, of Jude's life. Hiring a private investigator, Mary remains reluctant. Can she finally track down her son?. Borrowing Roy and his woody, the duo heads off to Blackpool in search of Jude. Finding the wayward liar by the seaside, it appears Jude has booked into the hotel under an assumed name, with a dodgy Irish accent, and a blonde in tow.

At the salon, Emma suddenly seems cautious of Gemma and is wary of her Boyfriends BFF getting in the way of their flourishing relationship.

Inspired by Maria's words of wisdom, Emma takes a leaf out of Gemma's book, and dresses to impress, looking like Gemma's fashionista doppelganger!. Meanwhile, Miss Winter appears to have a silent caller.

At The Rovers Return, Billy offers new boy Paul a pint and some vicars wisdom, whilst Nick takes a call from Audrey's accountant. Ignoring all of her calls, Audrey later meets the family at the pub. Taking a voicemail from the accountant, it's revealed that all of Audrey's £80k has gone!!. Audrey faints in shock!.

What did you think of tonight's part one?

I shall be back with my review of tonight's part two - a little later on.

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Louby said...

Please may this be the last time we see Jude! I think it's been mentioned before that as he's such a compulsive liar he could be not Mary's son at all. I would like to see the real Jude turn up and be like Mary.

Fluttershy said...

Sorry to see Angie go, she had potential to be a great character, I'd have liked to see her get together with Adam Barlow - they'd have made a great team! Shame she was let down by dodgy scriptwriters and having zero chemistry with Jude.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I can't help feeling that Jude's 'compulsive liar' trait was grasped as a last straw to make him interesting. Perhaps it was actually planned from the beginning but Jude didn't have a friend to be occasionally honest with so viewers never got to understand him. Last night we heard again, this time from Mary, about mothers not getting the son they wanted. She was speaking to Roy who has said the same about his own mother. Jude didn't need to be seen again so maybe his return was a lead-in to the storyline about Sylvia.

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