Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Audrey Roberts - the Corrie Kiss of Death

Poor Audrey.

Last night, Lewis Archer died on her bedroom floor with an engagement ring in his hand. He was going to propose to her and she would have said yes.

But it's not the first time that Audrey's men have died on her. Never mind daughter Gail and her band of dead ex-husbands, now we know where she gets it from!

Twenty years ago to the day, husband Alf Roberts passed away in Gail's living room at a New Year's party. He died on January 1st 1999.

Also, in 2006, Coronation Street fans saw Fred, I say, Fred Elliott, the butcher die on Audrey's welcome mat just before he was due to marry Bev Unwin. Audrey, who had admitted having feelings for Fred. then faced having to explain to his bride-to-be why he had been at her house.

Have there been any more Corrie fellas who Audrey has seen off to an early grave?

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Llifon said...

Didn’t she go for a drive with an old man in the back? Sidney Templeton I think he was called.

Is she on par with Rita and Gail now?

Anonymous said...


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