Thursday, 3 January 2019

Top 5 things Corrie's getting right... right now

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1. Carla and Peter

The chemistry remains, so why not exploit it? I love these two and every time a spark is reignited I am happy. Whether it is an argument or a brush of the arm when no-one is looking, these two are dynamite together. And like many, I have been willing this on. 

2. Evelyn and Tyrone

When Fiz left to support Hope, you may have been thinking how will Tyrone cope? But his scenes with Evelyn are so brilliant that you soon realised he will be fine. Maureen Lipman is such a fine actress that she can convey the softness behind brittle Evelyn. The writing helps here and also Alan Halsall works wonderfully with Maureen Lipman, just as he did with Liz Dawn. 

3. Sally and Tim reunited

You may have been cringing as Gina set her sights on Tim. And each twist and turn has meant that our Sal has felt more isolated than ever, behind bars with no visits from Tim. Then, the secret was out and once Sally realises that Tim has not slept with Gina, you can breathe easy. Corrie has had some great couples over the years and these two are one of the best. Keep them together. 

4. The Platts becoming a clan

When Nick arrived back home with secrets and lies, I was not sure it would work. And with Kylie still missed, a clan was required. And, now we have one. These actors work well together and I love the way they mock Gail and keep you smiling through the darkest of stories. With Bethany and the younger kids in scenes with the matriarchal Audrey and Gail, there is more room for comedy and drama. 

5. Ken becoming less moody

Ken Barlow had got to the stage whereby he kept saying "Pete-errrr" so often that the bad Boy Barlow need not even be on screen to get the wrath of dad. But, we are now seeing a softer side to Ken and it is really welcome. And, when he reveals that he misses Deidre more than he ever did, I am in as I miss her character and Anne Kirkbride's brilliant performances. 

I have been away for Christmas, so I have binge-watched most of the festive and New Year episodes and I have really enjoyed them as it is reminding me of the Corrie of old that I have grown up with. 

What do you think? Happy New Year and keep watching as there are great storylines to come.

Glenn Meads

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with your choices. Another huge success is Jenny Bradley/Connor. She isn't glamorous. In fact, she's a bit rough but gorgeous with it, like all the strong Corrie women. Only trouble is that Jenny doesn't have an equal sparring partner. Johnny (or the actor) lets her down. She may in time become the Widow Connor running the Rovers and then she'll come into her own.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Peter and Carla at all - it's become so forced. It worked once but not anymore for me. I still think Peter and Leanne still have a spark - but sadly I don't think the writers will go down that road.

Anonymous said...

Agree, I'm not a fan of Peter & Carla either, never was. In real life, someone like Carla wouldn't give Peter a second glance. No chemistry at all.

Anonymous said...

So there we are then, get rid of mardy, whiny Fizz and let Tyrone blossom.

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