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Top 10 Corrie residents with staying power

Guest blog post from Rob Hall who is on Twitter @RobbieUK84
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With most of the residents living here, there and everywhere it gets difficult to keep track so i thought it would be interesting  to see who in the current cast has lived where the longest  (extended holidays, temporary evictions and occasions of  absence such as prison time not included). 

Below are the top 10 residents who have some staying power. 

Emily Bishop - 3 Coronation Street, (47 years) 1972-Present.
Even though she gifted it to Norris in 2013 and is currently on an extended visit with family it's still her carefully preserved home (until we are told otherwise). 

Ken Barlow - 1 Coronation Street, (40 years). 1972-1974, 1976-1990, 1995-Present. 
Lodged with Albert Tatlock before buying in the 80s, lost the house in his divorce from Deidre in 1990 before buying it back from Mike Baldwin in 1995. 

Audrey Roberts - 5 Grasmere Drive, (29 years). 1990-Present. 
Bought it with husband Alf and has lived there as a widow since 1999.

Rita Tanner - 10a Coronation Street, (29 years). 1990-Present. 
Moved into the flat when she moved the Kabin from Rosamund Street wanting a fresh start after the Alan Bradley trauma. 

Gail Rodwell & David Platt - 8 Coronation Street, (28 years). 1991-Present.
Despite her other kids Nick & Sarah coming and going over the years, Gail and David have always lived together. 

Kevin Webster - 13 Coronation Street, (27 years). 1985-1999, 2002-2008, 2012-present. 
Lodged with Hilda Ogden before buying in 1988. Moved out after his marriage to Sally ended in 1999, moved back in with Sally before selling to the Peacocks in 2008, bought it back in 2012 after his 2nd marriage to Sally had ended. 

Roy Cropper - 16a Victoria Street, (20 years). 1999-Present. 
Moved in to the flat when he relocated the cafe from Rosamund Street. 

Norris Cole - 3 Coronation Street, (19 years). 2000-present.
Originally Emily's lodger before she gifted him the house in 2013. 

Tyrone Dobbs - 9 Coronation Street (19 years). 2000-present. 
Moved in with Jack & Vera Duckworth before buying it in 2008.

Eileen Grimshaw - 11 Coronation Street (18 years), 2001-Present. 
Originally renting from Steve McDonald and private landlords before buying in 2010.

Rob Hall

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