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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 28th Feb 2018 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's first episode review on the Coronation Street Blog.

Tonight begins where Monday left off. Lee & Billy slowly emerge from their drug-induced coma and are back at the flat. With little thought to the state he's now in, Billy awakes, needing more drugs. The brothers head out and Summer sneaks in, hiding in a bedroom. On the brother's return, Summer overhears their narcotics adventure, causing  Billy to relinquish his responsibility for Summer, possibly for the final time?. It's a dark scene, as Billy delves new depths with lowlife Lee.

Out on Coronation Street, Phelan informs Alya and Kate that its time for a new tenant. Overhearing Alya and Kate's plight, Zeedan knows Sophie is looking for a new place, so the chef stirs things up for the flatmates. It isn't long before Sophie's dreaming of sprout curry and moving in, but Kate's true feelings remain with Rana. How long before Sophie realises where Kate's true intentions lie?

Making her true intentions to Audrey perfectly clear, Bethany is soon back working at the lap dancing club. Ignoring ex-boyfriend Craig's concern, (whose OCD is now becoming all-consuming), Bethany's time at the club looks short-lived. Under new management, her lecherous male boss likes his girls in bikinis but bolshy Bethany isn't having any of that. With a rowdy stag party in full swing, Bethany is chosen for a private dance. The problem being the stag looks a lot like Nathan Curtis, causing Bethany to have a flashback, and a leap forward, at the unsuspecting stag - with a glass bottle! It isn't long before she's arrested and bumps into a counting Craig, down at the station.

Will the ex-best friends be reacquainted through mutual turmoil?

Back at The Rovers Return, Dr Gaddas is looking for Liz.  She's found out that Moira has won a disciplinary hearing (see ya Colin!) and is returning to manage the surgery!

A definite favourite new character for me and some much-needed light-relief.

In amongst drugs-use, lap-dancing, cop shops, and kitchen retching it's certainly needed!

What do you think?.

That's me done for another week, I'm off to The Flying Horse for the Karaoke with Beth and Tracy.


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Humpty Dumpty said...

Craig's OCD story is a good example of how a medical or social issue can't save a terrible plot set-up. It's definitely a debilitating condition and Corrie might be saved by viewers relating to Craig's struggles. However, as a drama, I'm getting sick of Craig turning up just as Bethany has another melt-down. He's a special constable - at least, that's how his boss once introduced him - and that means no pay. What does he do for money?

Anonymous said...

Disappointed about Moira. Totally over the top characterisation and acting. I did't find her amusing just cringingly bad.

Anonymous said...

I also couldn't stand Moira. Sad to learn of her return. I am also sick of Bethany and Craig. Not to be unkind but in the real world a girl who looks like Bethany would not be interested in Craig. Both Craig and Bethany are in dire need of serious psychiatric help. Until they get it, I find it hard to watch the pair of them in any scenes.


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