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Tuesday 13 March 2018

Crime writer Martina Cole talks to the Corrie Blog

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Coronation Street was written by a team of crime writers these days. Fraud, murder, theft, hard drugs and general bad behaviour are staples of our favourite show. One Corrie fan who knows all about the grittier side of life is novelist Martina Cole. Her works include Dangerous Lady and The Take, both of which became successful tv series. She’s written numerous other bestsellers and shares her talent with others, often visiting prisons and holding creative writing sessions for inmates.

Martina kindly agreed to chat to us about her thoughts on Coronation Street at the moment.

When did you start watching Corrie?
I can't remember not watching it - the storylines were discussed as if they were real people in our house.

What’s your favourite character of all time. And why?
That’s a hard one, so many great characters, especially female ones!! Probably would have to choose Elsie Tanner (my mum made sure I spelt her name correctly too), she was a big, brash and beautiful woman who fought for her family even though she knew their failings better than anyone else.  A very strong woman and i adored her.

I’ve seen you rant about today’s Corrie. I do the same. What’s wrong with it right now? Also tell me what’s good at the moment.
The storylines go on too long, i.e. Phelan, and Billy's drugs drama, too many episodes and not enough storylines!! We all know that poor Eileen couldn't pick a decent man if he fell out of a tree and hit her on the head!! (although that's why we love her) She sees what she wants to see and we are all guilty of that at times otherwise divorce courts wouldn't be necessary!! As for Billy, I loved that Pete's twin sister Susan was unfortunately killed by him in his former life, that’s why he joined the church but he's boring now Todd's gone, I just lost interest unfortunately.  For me the wonder days of Ken and Deirdre and Baldwin need to be revisited - those storylines could have done 20 episodes a week and id have happily watched, fabulous acting!! The same goes for Hilda and Stan, Vera and Jack!!  I absolutely love Fizz and Ty but losing interest, Sally Webster is comedy gold, but also a wonderful actress that can really tug on the heartstrings and Tim is the perfect foil for her. Roy Cropper is always a dream to watch - need more of these characters and storylines. Roy and Carla are absolutely wonderful, both amazing actors and Gail Platt and her kids, where would we be without them... Please put Steve and his mum Liz back in the Rovers ASAP!!!

Which Corrie character would fit in to one of your books?
Cain Dingle - ooops, sorry haha (Cain is Emmerdale's chief bad guy). This would have to be Tracy Barlow, she's bad from head to toe and that's why we like her.

Are you working on anything at the moment?
25th anniversary last year of Dangerous Lady, I can't believe its been so long!!! I’m really enjoying writing this new book, it doesn't have a working title yet but its going well!!


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