Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 14 Mar

SUMMER PUTS HERSELF IN DANGER Summer and Amy approach a homeless man who convinces them he knows where Billy is but proceeds to try and rob them in an alleyway. Peter comes to the rescue meanwhile in a police station we see Billy ask to make a phone call. He calls Summer who hands the phone to Peter. As Billy waits to be interviewed by the police he is surprised at the arrival of Adam who says he is Mr Mayhew’s lawyer.
IS IT THE END FOR TYRONE AND FIZ Tyrone is riddled with guilt and tells Kevin that he wants to try and patch things up with Fiz. Meanwhile a distraught Fiz tells Chesney what happened. How will Chesney react to the news?
A BLAST FROM THE PAST SHOCKS ALYA Out looking for a boxing venue with David and Josh, Alya spots the car that was used in the attack on the garage and becomes convinced the Parker brothers are responsible for Luke’s murder.
AUDREY GETS A MESSAGE FROM THE OTHER SIDE Audrey is shocked when the clairvoyant says not only is she in contact with Alf but she also has a message for Gail from her dead husbands.
ELSEWHERE Gail is impressed with Shona’s parenting skills with Lily.

ADAM WANTS TO HELP BILLY Adam explains to Billy that he knows about Billy being involved in Susan’s death but having got him hooked on painkillers now wants to help him. Back home Billy is struggling with withdrawal when Eileen arrives with the Bishop who has sorted out a stay in rehab. Billy cries tears of relief.
TYRONE BEGS FORGIVENESS Tyrone begs Fiz’s forgiveness but Chesney turns on him and tells him to leave his sister alone. Fiz confides in Cathy that Hope has had the all clear on her cancer results but Tyrone is gutted to realise he had forgotten about the tests and tells Kevin he is ashamed at being a useless husband and dad.
DAVID AND JOSH JOIN FORCES David and Josh wrestle the owner of the car to the ground and get him arrested. Alya is grateful but when Shona suggests there is a spark between Josh and Alya, David dismisses it much to Shona’s amusement. Josh meanwhile gets a bit flirty with David suggesting they could have some more adventures but David is unsure about his tone.
ELSEWHERE Eva is surprised to see Adam back in town will they reunite?

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