Thursday, 29 March 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 29 March

Thursday 29th March
GARY​ ​AND​ ​SEB​ ​UNEARTH​ ​MORE​ ​THAN​ ​THEY​ ​EXPECTED Eileen and Phelan arrive at the cottage and he tells her he has hired a boat and suggests they can look at cottages over in Ireland too. Gary and Seb’s hunt for the gun is curtailed when the police arrive and arrest them. As they insist they were looking for a murder weapon. But at the station the police are keen to know more about the two bodies that have been found in the concrete! Gary is arrested on suspicion of murder. 
JENNY ENLISTS LIZ’S HELP Jenny interrupts Liz’s flirtations with Mike to ask for her help as she has put a deposit down on a Villa in Spain and needs her to help persuade Johnny. Meanwhile Johnny is dealing with problems at the factory between Aidan and Carla who isn’t convinced Alya is good enough to be Aidan’s number 2.
FIZ AND TYRONE DON’T PLAY HAPPY FAMILIES AT THE ROVERS It’s the family day at the Rovers, bring a child get a free pint! When Fiz talks to Sean about how worried she is about Hope he suggests taking her along to the fun day, meanwhile Tyrone has also turned up with Ruby. When Gemma tips up to claim her free pint with a spotty teenager in tow Fiz suggests to Ty that he sit with his ‘girlfriend’.
ELSEWHERE Geoff asks Audrey to sit in on his radio show but she gets locked in the studio when he goes for a coffee. Eva panics that something is wrong with her pregnancy leaving Toyah concerned.

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Hopeful said...

Omg it was so stupid with them arresting Gary and Seb and then Gary for murder without even questioning first. Do they have to drag out the drama?

Anonymous said...

Weatherfield police are always inept.

Cobblestone said...

My thoughts exactly. You interview suspects first.

abbyk said...

No matter, they could have arrested them on the spot for trespass, destruction of property and unlawful imprisonment. The WPD are no stupider than master investigator Gary Windass.

Speaking of stupid, family friendly pub, is that a thing? It will surely change the character of the Rovers if it’s permanent. What about placing a non refundable down payment on a house without discussing with your spouse? I hope Eva and her baby are okay, and Eileen doesn’t become lost at sea.

maggie muggins said...

How can no one notice that Eva is seven months pregnant? She's not even trying to hide it any more. Unreal.

As for those concrete pillars (I was married to a builder in another life), first the concrete that Phelan poured looked like weak oatmeal, and now we see the dynamic duo sledge hammering them down by hand! It would take concrete power tools to even begin to break those down. Even working overnight, they wouldn't be able to break them apart with muscle power. Again, unreal.

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