Monday, 19 March 2018

Coronation Street Fan of the Week - Jack in Ireland

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My name is Jack De Courcey and I'm an Irish 13 year old Corrie fan! I first started watching Coronation Street in 2015 after seeing the spectacular live episode. After that I was buying Inside Soap Magazines, Collecting Corrie Merch and never missing an episode! But I'm sick of seeing the same boring Title Sequence every time I sit down to watch the show! I mean you can still see the old ''Nick's Bistro'' sign from years ago! 

Since Coronation Street first aired in 1960 there have been so many theme tune twists and title sequence changes but we have been stuck with this one for the last seven years.

Now that the new Victoria Street set extension has been built it's obvious that there needs to be a new opening sequence. The music needs a more modern twist to show to evolution of the Corrie we know and love today! The new title screen should show places like Zeedan's soon to be ''Speed Dahl'' and the new garden centre as well as the Manchester bombing victims'  bench. But it also has to keep the original buildings such as the Rovers Return because as much as Corrie evolves it can't forget its roots and where it came from.

I also love the Victoria Street set extension because there are so many storyline possibilities! The Tattoo Parlour should be owned  by a new young character who causes trouble for the other residents! I can just see Steve McDonald waking up after a night on the lash with an ''I LOVE PUPPIES'' tattoo!  And I can just see the dramatic tension between Kate, Rana and Zeedan in ''Speed Dahl''. And finally Dev has to expand his empire and buy up Costa and the new CO-OP!

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