Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Tim's dad joining Coronation Street?

Now then. Yesterday we blogged a spoiler which said that Audrey gets a new fella next week in Coronation Street. There he is, above, in all his glory on the right hand side.

You can read all about him here.

And in the comments left on the blog post about his arrival into Weatherfield, it was pointed out that Audrey's new fella has already been given a surname, which isn't the usual way with new characters. Normally they're given time to embed themselves into the Street before we find out more about them, including their surname. 

But Audrey's new man will be called Geoff Metcalfe and this has got us wondering if he'll be related to Tim? Perhaps it's even his dad?

Wouldn't that be great, if it was?

Or perhaps it's just a great big coincidence.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I thought Tim's dad lived quite a distance from the Street which is why he took Faye there to be safe. Could be an uncle who Tim doesn't have much time for. Whatever happened to Howie, Tim's cousin who was going to make life difficult for him? Maybe, instead of a mischievous cousin, we get a nightmare uncle who everyone adores except Tim. Works for me.

Cobblestone said...

I don’t think there’s much question that he’s Tim’s dad: the spoilers say he tells Audrey he has family in Weatherfield. I’d imagine it would have been sufficient to take Faye even a short distance away so long as Phelan had no idea where Tim’s dad lived.

Christopher Holmes said...

Would be funny if the actor playing tims real life uncle joined, good actor

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