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Coronation Street Blog Interview: Sean Wilson on Corrie, Cheese and Martin Platt

Our blogger Emma Hynes flew to Weatherfield from Ireland recently to interview Sean Wilson, who returns to Coronation Street next week as Martin Platt.  

Sean has been away from the show for 13 years and Emma was eager to find out all about his return as Martin and what he’s been doing while he’s been away from the world of showbiz. 

Did someone mention cheese?!

Since he left Coronation Street in 2005, Sean has become an award-winning cheese maker. “I’ve won 46 national and international cheese awards, it’s nearly an embarrassment of riches!” he says. “I’ve always cooked. When I was at Corrie last time I used to throw dinner parties and invite all the cast round for food. I got really involved in the science of food and where it all comes from,  I loved it. I was invited to go to a Michelen starred restaurant for a while as a cook and my cheese-making started from there. People still recognise me, they still call me Martin Platt, and then they say ‘And don’t you make cheese?!”

Since he left the show back in 2005, this is the first time that he’s been asked back to reprise the role of Martin. He says that after he read the scripts, he was very excited about Martin’s return. He comes back to help his son David with the biggest predicament in his life and says he was attracted to the darkness of the storyline, the aftermath and the psychological hit that David has got to take. 

“David has to unburden himself at some point to go through the process so that’s where I come along,” says Sean. “And I know there’s something wrong with him but it could be anything with David. As time goes by, Martin’s not silly and he does come from a nursing background and it’s quite clear to him that there’s something going on.”

Asked about what it was like being back in the Platt’s living room on set, Sean says: “It was a bit weird! And I wasn’t prepared for how weird it would feel. I had to have a word with the Director and she said ‘Sean, it was perfect. It had to be awkward and we felt as if we were living it with you.’ but it was awkward because I was feeling a bit weird.”

Speaking about why he left back in 2005, Sean says: “I had to morally stand firm on the decision I made at the time when I left and I think we all know went on there.” 

He refers of course to the storyline which saw his character of Martin embark on a relationship with schoolgirl Katy Harris.

“But there came a parting of the ways and things move on, especially in showbusiness,” Sean added. “And maybe the people in charge at the time have moved on, so this has come around, and you know what, the scripts are ace with three dimensions which I was pleasantly surprised with because Martin’s hasn’t been in for over 12 years. There’s a real positiveness and warmth about the place. It’s creatively easy and warm. Perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to come back but I’ve been really pleased about the way it’s all turned out."

Asked about his favourite storyline from the past for Martin, Sean singled out the storyline where Martin fell for nurse Rebecca played by Jill Halfpenny.  He also said that although he’s only back for a short stint, if the opportunity arose he would love to stay longer – and he’ll keep on making his cheese too!

By Emma Hynes
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Anonymous said...

Dear Emma and everyone at the corrie blog.

Several years ago there was a blog post that i believe was written by emma. I think it much have been around four to five years ago as it was about hayley and roy. I made a comment on that post that my idiotic teenaged brain thought was witty and irreverent but in reality came across as extremely mean-spirited and spiteful and critical. I was shocked and ashamed when i saw all the comments accusing me of "spitting bile" and being needlessly cruel. imagine my further horror when posts then went up the following day saying that there had been nasty comments on the blog and this would not be tolerated. i honestly was shocked and appalled that i had caused that because i was immaure and bratty and thought i was funny. it wasn't funny. it was horrible. I have carried this with me for years, but continued to selfishly read and enjoy this blog while carrying my guilt. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that i am so sorry for the things I said all those years ago. i never meant to hurt feelings, I was just too stupid to consider them and i wish with all my heart that i could take it back. you all do an excellent job on this blog and work so hard and i appreciate you. thank you and once again I am so so very sorry.

yours sincerely
a remorseful former-teenaged idiot

Anonymous said...

Isn't Martin the only man still alive that was married to Gail? I hope he doesn't become a casualty of the curse...

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