Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Alan Halsall Interview: The End of Tyrone and Fiz?

Why is Tyrone easily agitated?

Tyrone is having lots of problems at home and with Fiz being away, things have become unstable in the house. He’s having to deal with two children and because one of them is being naughty, Tyrone doesn’t knows how to deal with it. Hope and Ruby are causing mischief and getting each other in trouble. 

How is this impacting Tyrone and Fiz?

Kids are going to be kids and the girls are five years old and seven years old so they’re causing lots of trouble but a lot of it has also stemmed from Fiz being away. Tyrone is trying to juggle work, the kids and Fiz not being there so  the pressure is getting to him. He is not in control.

Why do you think Fiz has been keeping the secret that it is Hope that is misbehaving and not Ruby?

Tyrone believes its Ruby and Fiz makes a suggestion that Ruby the way she is because of the way her mum was which is a real hammer blow to Tyrone. For Tyrone to even just think about Kirsty is upsetting to him so for Fiz to know that it was actually Hope that was to blame and to not tell Tyrone would hurt. Tyrone’s a family man, all he wants is his family to get on and they aren’t at the moment so it would be really upsetting to him.

Fiz’s cover up of Hope’s behaviour leads to dramatic circumstances when he loses his temper, what happens?

It takes a lot for Tyrone to lose his temper because he has been the victim of a violent situation so it’s such a build up of confusion with Fiz, Ruby and Hope. And then of course Gemma’s involved so there’s such a mixed bag of emotions. It’s a snap moment where Tyrone’s just had enough and he lashes out which is really against his character.

When Tyrone smacks Ruby, does this force Fiz to come clean?

Fiz knows that for Tyrone to do something like that to his own child, that he’s got to be at breaking point. Fiz knows the truth about Hope’s behaviour so at that point she knows that she has to tell Tyrone about what has really been going on.

Where does this leave their relationship?

At this point their relationship is pretty much in pieces anyway because of Tyrone’s drunken mistakes and with the kids playing up so they really are in turmoil. This is the final straw for Tyrone that she’s not been honest with him. In his head they are done and he doesn’t see any way forward.

How is Tyrone feeling after what’s happened?

He will have feelings of regret over what has happened with both Ruby and Fiz and will do for a long time. He knows the hurt that being beat up by Kirsty brought him for so long and he knows what damage that can do so he really will live in regret of smacking his child.

How is Tyrone and Ruby’s father-daughter relationship impacted?

She doesn’t really want anything to do with Tyrone and she’s scared. This is definitely the first time that Tyrone has ever done something like this and Ruby doesn’t know how to deal with it. It would break Tyrone’s heart every time he looked at her to know that she’s scared of him.

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Anonymous said...

Where does Fizz get off slagging off Ruby's bad behaviour because of who her mother was? Does she have amnesia - Fizz was married to a man who murdered two people! What a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

I think that the reason Fiz kept quiet about her daughter's bad behaviour was to intentially hurt Tyrone and thus use Ruby as a revenge for Tyrone's and Gemma's one night stand.
I know I'm supposed to be on Fiz's side due to Tyrone's betrayal but she's become a bully like her mother towards Ruby and has become a ruined character.
I also doubt Fiz will punish Hope either for all her lies.

Anonymous said...

I never liked Fiz, harpy.
Tyrone deserves someone more fun and spontaneous. He seemed happier with Sean even!

Arya said...

Agree regarding Fizz forgetting that Hope’s father, John Stape was a murderer. Very hypocritical!

Maricha said...

Sad to say but I'm also team Tyrone. I know this was because the actress was doing another show but what has Cilla ever done for anyone that I'd leave two kids-who were already acting up- and my little brother who just got his son back to go take care of that witch? Tyrone shouldn't have cheated on her but Fizz was already showing she was biased against Ruby whereas Tyrone loved Hope like she was his own and that alone was reason enough to break up with her. I wouldn't put up with my child being disparaged in her own home over her mother's actions. Finding out Fizz lied about Hope would simply ensure we stayed broken up.

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