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Friday, 16 March 2018

Why Corrie's Bloody Fantastic

Today I am squaring my shoulders and putting on a bit of lippy. 

My blogging confidence took one hell of a knock yesterday. 

Coronation Street Blog is over 10 years old. That's over 10 years of my life spent supporting the TV show I have grown up with; the TV show that I love. It has, in many different ways, changed my life for the better.

And in those 10 years of blogging, I have learned many things. Yesterday I learned once again that the tabloid press have a very strange agenda. 

I only have one agenda here - to keep on supporting the telly show that I love. 

And that will always include representing all kinds of opinions from all kinds of people.  So if you'd like to be a guest blogger, or you're a VIP and would like us to donate to your charity of choice in exchange for your thoughts on Corrie, whatever they may be, then do get in touch. We welcome all kinds of opinions and all kinds of thoughts.

Yes, the show goes through peaks and troughs and we stick with it because we enjoy it. Stories come and go, characters we like and hate pass across our screens. There's a lot I'm not enjoying about Corrie right now (Phelan, Billy, Eileen) but there's a lot more that I am (Gail, Audrey, Gemma, Fiz, Tyrone). 

So, the kettle's on for a brew. Come in, draw up a seat, sit down, and let's have a natter about our favourite show.    

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Maricha said...

'm also one who likes that Tyrone and Fiz are having an interesting storyline. I didn't expect to think their relationship should end but the blinders she's had about her own child while easily seeing Kirsty in a little girl as young as Ruby make me think Tyrone should move on. She didn't react like a mother but like the worst kind of stepmother and this despite Tyrone loving Hope without reservation. He and Ruby deserve better than living with a Cilla in the making.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could agree, I really do. But I think the increased number of episodes is killing the show for me. What I used to consider a treat is now just a never-ending spew of troubles. Too many characters to care about, too many characters I dislike and no time to breathe between issues, which although I applaud Corrie for trying to highlight, are just one after another. I don't want the show to go back to the old days - times and viewers have changed - but I would like a pause in the misery every now and again. It's like seeing an old friend being beaten up.

Tvor said...

I still love the show. I guess I tend to be too forgiving but I grew up watching the train crashes that are American soaps and Corrie is still miles and miles better than they are and, believe it or not, miles more credible even when we might think it's lost the plot. Is it different than it used to be? Yes but I think it has had to change with the times or it would not be here anymore. Long time viewers miss the old days but when I watch the older episodes, while i can appreciate them and love the old characters, they have to keep the viewers and attract new ones and new viewers want to be entertained in a whole new way. The younger demographic they want to attract and keep as a future long time viewer wouldn't stick with Corrie if it was still the way it was, even as recent as 25 years ago which is about when it started to modernize itself, as i recall. I think producer Brian Park was the catalyst that pushed Corrie way out of it's traditional comfort zone.

I've been watching since 1989 and I still love it.

Christine in Canada said...

I understand why it is important to take on big issues and tell the big stories..I really do. I applaud the way that Corrie will tell these stories but here is the problem imho....the stories have been tacked one upon another upon another - leaving the viewers and the characters no time to catch their collective breaths.

Space the stories out a bit more..give everyone time to get over what just happened and the impact that is still being felt. Big problems / issues do not go away over night. I love the fact that they are showing the long term damage Bethany has suffered and is going through..I love the fact that they are showing how it effected people in her life ie Craig

but i think the upcoming rape story line for David while an important one to tell..may overshadow the one already going on.

Give the viewers time..give the actors time..for the most part we are not going anywhere. Inject a little happiness, a little comedy..people in real life or on a tv show need a little lightness..we cannot survive with just drama after drama after drama.

Tvor said...

You know the scene I want to see? When it comes out about David's rape to his family and Bethany is the one that goes to him first and hugs him tightly.

Anonymous said...

Tvor,As much as I would love to see that scene,I doubt it will happen.
My fear is that when David has the courage to tell his family about the rape that despite his support during Bethany's trauma that both Sarah and Bethany won't believe David and laugh at him.
I think it will be Roy or Mary who'll reach out and support David rather than his family.


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