Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The New Map of Coronation Street

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With yesterday's news about Victoria Street being extended, I noticed a lot of confusion on Twitter, with people wondering where exactly this new area slots in to the current set.

So I decided I would create a full map of Weatherfield as it exists in 2018, It isn't a perfect map, the scale of a few things is a little off, but it should help those people confused about where Victoria Street is.

I posted this on Twitter last night, and thanks to a few replies I added a few corrections, such as adding Speed Daal, and the placement of the Snooker Hall and Tattoo Parlour.

If anyone has any suggestions for improvements, send me a Tweet @WeatherfieldRec on Twitter!

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Arya said...

This is great, thank you!

Anonymous said...

The map certainly makes it easier to see where everything is....

maggie muggins said...

Very good, Chewy! This even helps me to understand the older set-up, which I've always found very confusing!

Tvor said...

Excellent. My only comment is that I think Barlow Law is in the flat over the vacant lower flat. Seb was on the ladder cleaning their windows.

Aussie Pete said...

You’re correct Tvor. Barlow Law is next to Jamilla House.

I wonder what the name of the street is connecting to the new end of Victoria St? Is it Inkerman St or Balaclave Tce?

Maricha said...

In the maps I've seen Inkerman is either two streets farther than Corrie in the other direction and runs parallel to Coronation street or it's past the viaduct and the Red Rec. Balaclava Terrace runs alongside Len's Yard. So the street at the other end of Victoria is either Trafalgar Street (if you go by a map made in 1976) or Curzon Street (if you follow a map made in 1996).

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