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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 28 March, 8.30pm

Carla stands up to Simon's scally pals and Leanne has banned Tracy from going anywhere near Oliver and Steven is sticking to it.  In a brilliant move by the writers, Carla confronts Simon about his behaviour. But when Simon opens up to Carla, is she being played? Simon and Carla continue to chat and she finds out that he is feeling left out. Is he, or is this the new Simon? He helps her with a computer problem. Click, click, click, I spy a new role for him to keep him on the straight and narrow. And meanwhile, Simon has been offered a job at Underworld Carla proposes the fact that she wants to turn Peter into Steve Jobs, within the factory. Leanne agrees, after some coaxing from Peter.

Tracy has a go at Leanne and the two have a slanging match in the pub. Steve stands there, barely sticking up for Tracy. Leanne stands her ground and Liz serves an old teacher of his. Steve recognises Mr Thornberry and gave him the nickname puddles because he used to sweat. Mr Thornberry is working his magic on Liz. Liz.brings Mr Thornberry to the cab office. As he has ditched his Dead Poet's Society job to retire. But, guess what? He now has a cab driver's licence. And he is looking for work. 

Liz wastes no time in getting to know the former teacher. Steve realises that he should not cut off his nose to spite his face. So, he calls and wants to work with the man, in order to wind him up. He now has the power. 

Rita visits Audrey in hospital and tries to get the doctor to help her, only she asks the hospital radio DJ.  In the hospital, is the DJ after Audrey or Rita? Rita leaves and it seems it's Aud. Audrey listens to the hospital radio and when the DJ dedicates his next track to her, she is expecting a love song, and on comes Joe Dolce's Shaddup Your Face. 

Seb and Gary have gone all Jason Bourne meets Jessica Fletcher. They turn up to the building site, as Seb is convinced that Phelan has hid the gun he used to kill Luke, in the concrete.  Phelan and Eileen get some sea air, and Eileen worries that she has no signal. Pat hopes that there is no landline, cue scary music. 

Seb and Gary begin to snoop around the site and they begin to tear the concrete down. What will they find? And will the DJ be playing Chaka Khan's Ain't No body? Find out tomorrow with an extra episode

Summer is going stay at Dev's as Eileen and Pat get ready for a week away. Phelan gives Summee some cash and off they go. "Have a safe journey", says Dev, and we snigger, we have seen the trailer. 

Jenny is desperate to move to Spain. So she asked Liz to have a word to convince Johnny. 

Glenn Meads

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Tilly Flop said...

So lovely to hear a reference made to Audrey being on the Tony Wilson ward in hospital. Top Manc. Nice touch

Abercrombie said...

I ve red this post twice and normerly hot on spellin errers, I can't find none.

Steph said...

Abercrombie - No offence but, am I missing an inside joke here? You actually read the article twice in the hopes of noticing a spelling error?

Glenda Young said...

I've amended errors. Apologies I should've checked before posting but received some very upsetting news this morning.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it Flaming Nora. Completely understandable. Just wanted to bring it to your attention is all.
Remember, ‘This too shall pass’

Anonymous said...

Leanne was particularly nasty tonight. She went through a phase of being really horrible when she was at the Bistro but seemed to be more amenable lately.

abbyk said...

It really wasn’t a bad night of Corrie. Spoilerless me, I’ll assume Jeff Metcalf is somehow related to our Tim (although if he is his father who lives far enough away to hide Faye, what is he doing there?) No issue with Leanne being a bossy parent - she is a go getter by nature and has to compensate for not one but two spineless fathers. Nice of Carla to come thru with a job for her former stepson (and I hope this works because he is otherwise horrible) but ironic that a day earlier, good student, trustworthy Summer was turned down (yeah, she is younger, too young for a workplace but...). I like Puddles and fear for Eileen (thought he was going to push her over the cliff).

Then there was THE GIANT CORRIE MOMENT OF STUPIDITY, featuring Seb and Gary. Seb isn’t stupid but he’s a kid. Gary is a full fledged moron - for all the times his head has been hit with a 2 x 4, never once has common sense been knocked into it. Seb had reasonable suspicion, with an adult (Gary) he should have gone to the police. Yeah, I know that Morse has packed it in until next year but even the Weatherfield PoPo could have made a connection and supervised the columns demolition. Instead, these two idiots think they’re gonna find smoking guns with their sledge hammers and prove something. And do so before the locked up guard calls for help and it’s all over. All they can show is that they broke into private property, held someone hostage, destroyed said property and maybe found a corpse (or two). One that is tampered evidence with no provable link to Phelan. A little dramatic license, okay but this is complete suspension of disbelief in everything but gravity. Boo Hiss!!!!

Laura said...

"Gary is a full fledged moron - for all the times his head has been hit with a 2 x 4, never once has common sense been knocked into it."

I laughed out loud at this!

Cobblestone said...

There are proveable links to Phelan. Once the bodies are identified, one was his business partner and the other his tenant (and Nichola day photos of Andy in his possession). And, most suspiciously, he is the one who poured the concrete over them inexplicably ahead of schedule in a rain-storm. Plus his mobile phone is also in the concrete. Reason enough to make him
a ‘person of interest’ ahead of Gary & Seb.

Anonymous said...

I will always wish that Phelan had time to kill Gary too.


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