Friday, 16 March 2018

Listen: Why Corrie is right to air male rape storyline

Stephen M Hornby was interviewed yesterday on BBC Radio Newcastle, along with soaps writer Gareth McLean, about Coronation Street's male rape storyline. 

We'll see the storyline begin tonight when Josh spikes David's drink.

You can listen to Gareth and Stephen talk on the radio about why this is an important storyline for Coronation Street to tell.

The interview starts here at 1 hour 15 mins (Gareth McLean) and at 1 hour 26 mins (Stephen M Hornby).

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Stephen M Hornby is a playwright and theatre reviewer. 
You find him on Twitter @StephenMHornby and on Instagram @stephenmhornby.

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Maricha said...

Is anyone saying Corrie shouldn't air this storyline?
My objection to it is that the timing is wrong for it with all the other dark stories that have yet to end such as Phelan's crime spree and Bethany suffering the after effects of being groomed.
But,hey,silver lining, Corrie will be breaking new ground when an uncle and niece can attend therapy at a rape crisis center together.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The Corrie team don't fully understand that if the soap becomes saturated with dark stories, viewers will stop caring about any of them. Storylines that seek to raise awareness have to be sprinkled rather than sloshed about because of 'issue fatigue'. In the end, the very viewers who should be watching these storylines (from Corrie's point of view) ie: the ones who know nothing about the issue, back off until another more palatable one comes along. They kind of get it because we're seeing and reading interviews with victims and charities, but these interviews get ignored as well after a while.

popcorn said...

Agree with you totally, Humpty.
An interesting analogy might be online advertising. If a company I utilize sends me an advert once every 2 weeks, I read it. If they bombard me daily, I begin by not reading what they send, and soon move on to unsubscribing to their site.
The analogy to Corrie would be to quit watching every single episode, then stopping watching all together.
I too hate this relentless "listing" of dark social issue after another. And I do sometimes miss episodes now.

David said...

One thing to be guaranteed is that many fans will become instant experts in male rape. Expect to hear David can't be raped because he sent those Hillman cards, it's offensive, what happened to the Corrie I used to know etc.

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