Sunday, 18 March 2018

Corrie Blog Weekly Awards for March 12 - 16

Piranha award : Gemma has the dubious honour. (note: refers to a misquote from Les Battersby circa late 90s)

Cher award: Tyrone wishes he could turn back time.

Blast from the Past award: Rosemary the clairvoyant sure dragged up a lot of great old names from Corrie History including Ivy Tilsley.

Podium award: Gail and Audrey and the gold and silver medal of the world championship of bad judges of character.

Copycat Stylista: Does anyone else think Adam's new 'do looks like Aidan's, just a little bit longer?

Lines of the Week
Rita "I saw Gemma sneaking out of here before the birds could clear their throats"
Rita "There's only so many insults my intelligence can take in one day"
Peter to Billy "It's never too late when people love you and are ready to forgive"
Billy "You don't run away from the Last Chance Saloon"
Sarah "When it comes to baggage, my brother could fill a carrousel" (couldn't he just!)
Alya "He was so perfect. We were so perfect" (I feel for you, luv, but question why Luke never mentioned you to his parents if it was so perfect)
Audrey "Does Ivy have a message? Mind you I'd be surprised if she hadn't"
Phelan to Billy. You're going to beat this and you know why? If you fail again. If you let us down again it'll be the last thing you do. Understand? I will come for you"
Audrey "I've got Netflix. I am *never* on my own"
Josh to David "I reckon you and me are gonna have more big adventures"
Gail to Audrey "You're a terrible judge of character. You're almost as bad as me! We're like the gold and silver medal of the world championship!"
Eva "Oh my God. Did you actually just fat shame me to my actual face??!"

Tvor (Twitter @tvordlj)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would like to give 'Daddy's little girl'award to Hope who sadly is becoming as bad as her father.
I would also like to award Fiz the cruel stepmother award for knowing the truth about Hope but still letting Ruby take the blame[I don't think she even told her brother her daughter tried to push his son down the stairs!].
Considering her and Bethany's recent past[Callum Nathan their emotiona breakdowns],I thought it was a bit much for Sarah to make that comment about David when her and Bethany's baggage could fill up a whole airport!

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