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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Kate Oates is staying at Corrie until 2019

In an interview with The Mirror this week, Coronation Street producer has confirmed that she's staying at the helm of the show until 2019.

If you'd like to, you can read the whole story here. 

Kate was also interviewed on This Morning yesterday where she defended the darkness of the storylines.

This fan has had enough.

Again, it's here if you'd like to watch it (and I strongly suggest you do).

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Gini Dorette said...

I can't see the video, being in Canada, but I couldn't agree more! Can we not petition them to see her leave sooner? I want the REAL Coronation Street back!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. But she'll only be doing what she's told to from above.

maggie muggins said...

Above? I would have thought Kate has a pretty big say in what happens on the show. Surely, no one can force her to stay.

C in Canada said...

Despite the dark stories, I've enjoyed her stewardship of the show.
New characters brought in, old ones brought back, old faces have been mentioned (more of that please!), and even camera angles are new, giving it a fresh feel.
If she would only lighten up a bit...I've otherwise no issues with her.

JennyMac said...

Well I am sorry about that. Corrie has so lost its way since she arrived. A bit of "dark" is fine but not week after week untold misery and sighing!
Bring back at least some of its lost charm and niceness.
Listen to your viewers for once.

Anonymous said...

Is their a new Executive Рroducer yet? This job is connected to hiring anf firing рroducers. Although I'm not sure if any рroducer has ever been fired - it would be like imрeachment. I don't care - Kate likes to be first in everything, so she can be first to be fired! :)

Anonymous said...

Rather than clamour for *any* new producer - remember how happy we were to see the last one go? - can anyone name a particular producer who is out there and might be available? Or someone who is in a position to rise up from inside the Corrie team?

Anonymous said...

Whoever is currently producing Emmerdale will get it.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right anon (20:02) - it seems there is very little imagination in terms of choosing new рroducers. The 'gravy train' always continues from Emmerdale straight to Corrie. I do remember,though, that Рhil Collinson was a Doctor Who рroducer рreviously.The last 2 are ex-Emmerdale, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how much difference a new producer would make. The demographics have shifted and we are dealing with a generation who walk down the street staring into a cell phone and so the attention to character development will not come back. This CGI generation wants explosions and gore. To hope for a return to characters we cared about and humour is to invite disappointment. I watch less and less till the habit dies out.

Anonymous said...

I love Kate Oats.

Anonymous said...

I am kind of confused as to how I feel about the Kate Oates reign. Kate Oates had to take Corrie through a shift ... more productions... more set... more, more. To feed this monster appetite of viewer consumption. We all think with so much time invested that we all own the show, but we don't. It is Kate Oates that is in charge of these "barbie dolls", the beloved characters... and sometimes I think she throws the dolls across the room... and then uses clever rack focus... multi edits... layered lighting, pyro effects, overlay music...then pretend rapes and pillages them, blows the up and essentially skewers them in the name of entertainment. I guess it gives us something to talk about 6 times slots a week... and now till 2019.


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