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Friday, 23 March 2018

Corrie weekly update - Ironic Wallpaper and the Return of Martin Platt

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The big story this week has been David Platt and the aftermath of his rape by Josh Tucker. David wakes up in Josh’s bed and realises what has happened. He heads home, showers, but doesn’t say a word. Josh comes to the house, telling David it’s what he wanted, but David knows the truth. However, everyone thinks Josh is the best thing since sliced gravy and David can’t handle what’s going on around him. He heads to see his dad Martin and it’s a welcome return of the character after many years away from the show. But even dad Martin can’t get David to open up about the real reason for his visit. Martin’s heading off to a new life in New Zealand and when David returns home to the Platt house he tells Shona that he wants to take Lily and Max and move there with his dad. It’s about as far away from Weatherfield, and Josh, as he can get.

Another member of the Platt clan centre-stage this week has been Gail when Rosemary the clairvoyant tells her she’s got messages from Richard Hillman coming through. Gullible Gail laps it all up, and when Rosemary tells Gail that she’ll rid the Platt clan of the curse which Richard has put upon them all – but it’ll cost – Gail says she’ll pay, of course.

In the back room of the Rovers, Ken gives a French lesson to Leanne, Eva and Toyah after Eva and Toyah lie to Leanne and tell her they’re going to a language class when they were really heading to antenatal.  Leanne is still woefully ignorant of the fact that Eva is up the duff, even though she’s the size of a house. Anyway, Ken gets called in to deliver a French lesson in the back room of the Rovers when Leanne says she wants to tag along.

Sally got her living room wallpapered this week by Tim, who got the wallpaper from Kirk, who got it from someone he knows who’s working in town. What Sally doesn’t know is that her “Italian Frescho” aspirational wallpaper has come from the Weatherfield cafĂ©. Carla and Michelle have a good giggle at Sally’s mistake, which was rather cruel and out of character for Carla, I felt.

Fiz and Tyrone continue to have problems when Fiz tells him, finally, that Hope is their evil child, not Ruby. But it’s too late, by the time Fiz has told him the truth, Tyrone has already smacked Ruby for being naughty. Fiz is in tears at home with Hope while Tyrone and Ruby move in with Kev.

Finally this week, in an attempt to persuade Michelle’s son Ali to attend Michelle’s wedding, Carla uses her skills on the young doctor to get him to change his mind. She takes him upstairs to Roy’s flat, forgets all about her recent kidney transplant and gets stuck into the red wine before leading him into her room.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Midd said...

Will David have an HIV test?

Anonymous said...

Excellent point Robin. But we must remember this is Corrie and no one ever does the sensible thing.
In my humble opinion this is not Josh's first assault. He is too slick and sure of himself. He makes my skin crawl.

Rossie said...

Sally's "ironic wallpaper" reminds me of Annie Walker's monogrammed carpet. Years and years ago she was presented by Eddie Yeats with a carpet with the initials AW all over it, and was told that it had been specially made for her. Then of course Hilda Ogden told her that it was a cut off from The Alhambra Weatherfield Bingo Hall! Poor Annie. Sally does remind me of Annie Walker.

dhvinyl said...

I love Tim Metcalfe..a shining light on the Street and a scriptwriter’s delight. I’m also incredibly impressed that in just a few hours he can remove hundreds of ornaments, shelves and other trappings, paste new wallpaper and then restore everything to its right place. singlehandedly. What a man!

Lily Bigfield said...

Despite the dark storyline surrounding David, I have really enjoyed this week's episodes. The darkness has been balanced by a lighter touch. Very little Phelan, Billy and Kana angst thank goodness - their characters and storylines have ground me down. More of the older characters, and an acknowledgement of their past. Love Tim too. And so good to see Martin back. His scenes with David were excellent. Just get rid of the daft Ali plot though. It may be too soon to hope that Coronation Street is back on track and I can start to view wholeheartedly again.

coconno196 said...

David Hughes: that's exactly what I thought! Silly storyline anyway, but it would have been more credible if Tim had only been partway through when Sally got home, with furniture covered up and a pasting table, etc. Wonder if it will be miraculously changed back by next week, now that Sally knows that it's Freshco not fresco?

Unknown said...

Where is the wallpaper from in the McDonald's flat.


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