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Friday, 16 March 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 14 March, 8.30pm

There's a fracas at the kebab shop, Fiz is throwing veg and doner sauce at Genma, followed by kebabs and chips. Gemma fights back and we cut to Trainspotting: The Vicar. 

Billy is being helped by Adam. He is there to bail him out. Hoping this story disappears. As for this fight with Gemma, it's very OTT. Even Rita had debris in ther hair, well not quite - it was salad!

David and Josh get into a fight with Luke's racist 'killer', only we know who really did it, didn't we? Audrey is with Weatherfield's answer to Derek Acorah, and she is clearly about to mention Norman Bates with a briefcase, Richard Hillman. 

Fiz is gutted and seeking solace with Cathy. Hope has the all clear from the hospital, but Fiz wants to keep it from Tyrone. 

Pat takes Billy in and Phelan has another toy to play with. He refers to him as a "junkie." And here we go with another two dark tales becoming one. He shouts at Billy, defending Eileen. Billy asks if he can go and Phelan makes him pay for forgiveness. Everything feels very heightened at the moment, and almost camp, as it is very overplayed. 

Phelan shakes Billy ripping his coat and you pray for someone to come gome and witness this. But, in a street this closeknit, no-one hears the shouting. When the fuss dies down, Eileen comes home with Billy's boss and Summer. This poor kid used to be wise-cracking and canny, now she is merely a home help and very earnest with it. 

Gemma comes into the Rovers and orders a pint. Leanne and Eva judge her and she fights back with common sense. These two are far from innocent and she tells them... and she is right. 

Gail talks to Audrey about the spirits in the material world. Gail thinks that Aud is lonely and this is where these stories from Rosemary have arisen from.

Leanne and Eva chat and Eva realises Adam Barlow is back. Meanwhile Josh is so intergrated now, that he sits in a big group in the Rovers. Not sure Alya likes Josh, as she feels like me - he has settled in far too quickly. 

Eva sees Adam and he thinks the sparks might be flying again. But she says no. He leaves and she cries, because she is still hiding her pregnancy, after faking her previous one. 

Ty gets annoyed with himself because he forgot that Hope was having an update from the hospital. Shona seems to think there is chemistry between Alya and Josh. Josh though is verging on being obsessed with David. 

Gail necks a huge wine with her mum and they chat about previous relationships. They talk through the mistakes but Audrey also declare that they have both loved good men. 

I am finding the Josh/David set up intriguing, the medium stuff with Aud - amusing. But the rest? Too OTT for words. But, I do believe Corrie is having a few upward curves of late. 

By Glenn Meads

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Rather odd the way Phelan went so ballistic with Billy. I can see that he was reading the riot act on behalf of Eileen but, again, completely OTT. I stand by what I've said before. Phelan's going nowhere until the very last drop of this storyline has been squeezed out. That means he's got a list of people to threaten: Rosie, Sophie, Sally - all connected to Tim - for starters. As for Josh, other people may have taken to him but he's settled in far too quickly. Did the garage take up references and where does he live? Eva: I know her pregnancy will soon be noticed but it's taken its time. Can't believe people on that street wouldn't have wondered before now, particularly Audrey and Gail.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,Tyrone did comment that Josh worked in a lot of garages for short amount of time but neither he or Kevin followed up on Josh'd references[if there were any].
Fiz has sunk to a new low.Granted she's hurt and angry at Tyrone but to not tell him that Hope whom he loves as his own daughter is cured of her cancer is cruel.
Mind you after reading spoiler that she keeps quiet about Hope being the bad child but lets Ruby take the blame,I'm not surprised but disgusted in Fiz.

Pat said...

All I could think when Billy was back at Eileen's was - he's filthy and must really stink, I wouldn't want him sitting on my settee. So much for being gripped by the storyline!


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