Friday, 30 March 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 30 March

Friday 30th March
THE​ ​TRUTH​ ​FINALLY​ ​CATCHES​ ​UP​ ​WITH​ ​EILEEN A panicked Phelan throws his passport and a few clothes in a bag and prepares to leave but Eileen catches him and asks where he is going, he lies he is popping out for fresh air, leaving her alone in the cottage. She follows Phelan with a picnic to try and sort things out but is angry to find him about to sail away in the boat, furious she accidentally drops her hamper complete with car keys in the sea. Meanwhile back in Weatherfield Adam has arrived at the police station to represent Gary and they are stunned to discover the news about the bodies. Adam tells Tim who leaves a voicemail message for Eileen. Phelan is comforting Eileen who has cut her foot but when she gets a few bars of signal on her phone the message from Tim comes through - horrified she tries to persuade oblivious Phelan to go back to the boat but as she heads towards the harbour to try and call Tim back she is unaware he has followed her.
EVA FEELS AN AGONISING WAIT ALONE Eva has a scan but is reassured the baby is ok - she contemplates ringing Aidan.
SIMON KNOCKS SOME HEADS TOGETHER As the row in the Rovers escalates Tyrone and Fiz are shocked to realise Hope and Ruby have disappeared - they find them in the back Rovers with Simon who tells them all to think about the kids.
ELSEWHERE Audrey’s adventure being locked in the radio booth cements her friendship with Geoff. Moira accuses Liz of fancying Johnny but Liz says she fancies Mike.

Friday 30th March
HAS EILEEN PUSHED PHELAN TOO FAR? As Eileen waits desperately by the lighthouse for Tim to answer his phone Phelan grabs it off her just in time to hear Tim trying to warn her. Terrified Eileen shouts out where she is but Phelan throws the phone into the sea. She confronts him calling him a liar, murderer and rapist Eileen threatens to throw the boat keys over the sea wall to stop him getting away, they tussle and the rusty harbour railing gives way - is this the end of Eileen, Phelan or both?
EVA UNWITTINGLY PLAYS WITH ADIAN’S EMOTIONS Aidan asks Eva about the missed call he had off her but she lies and says it was an accident. Eva tells Toyah about the scare with the baby.
SIMON’S PULLED THE WOOL OVER LEANNE’S EYES As Peter and Leanne talk about the improvement in Simon’s behaviour we see him and the gang throw a brick through a car windscreen and run off laughing.
ELSEWHERE Liz introduces Mike to Johnny and Moira, Geoff tells Audrey he has family in Weatherfield so they may bump into each other.

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