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Thursday, 15 March 2018

The History of Weatherfield's Police Stations

With Coronation Street about to get it's own police station, we're going to take a short look back at the Street's most recent Cop Shops. The oldest one I can find is the 'Weatherfield Central Police' Station.

In real life, this one was located on the Quay Street set, nearby to the fake Rovers Return that was used in the old tours. The Central Police Station was actually an entrance to the Granada building.

When the set moved, we never saw this version again, which explains why they soon began planning to build the new area of the set. But in the meantime Coronation Street was in need of a police station, and they used more than one location for it, unfortunately, I was unable to find out where these the first station was filmed, but thanks to fellow blogger Michael Adams, who pointed out where the second station is located. The second station is actually the former Plant Hill station in Blackley and was used as recently as tonight's episode.

From next month we will begin to see the new Police Station on screen, as it seems the set includes another station right next door to it, it seems likely that this will be an older part of the police station, rather than a separate one all together. It seems that in the context of the show itself, this station will actually be further away from the Street, as there is a gate that hides it away from Victoria Street.

 This will be Coronation Street's first purpose built Police Station set,it will be interesting to see what they will be using it for, I hope we see Craig Tinker become a full-time policeman, and maybe get to know a few of his colleagues. I imagine we'll also see a few of the street's residents spending a night in the cells.

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Annie said...

There have been more than that.

For a while in the early 2000's the former information desk at Granada Studio Tours (beside the main tours entrance, and underneath the steel stairs) served as the police desk... then after that the former "Audience Entrance" to the GTV studios themselves, notable by the staircase to the left. In truth, this led to the upper floors of GTV, including the Corrie offices on the 3rd floor. After they built an indoor set in the Stage One annexe for Underworld (because the outdoor Underworld set was so cold!), and the original Underworld outdoor set was repurposed as the police station.

Which brings us up the date.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, Becky spent much time in and out of police HQ. As a viewer from the US, I remember being quizzical about the meaning of the sign in the window - was it Her Majesty's A&E?

Anonymous said...

Just shows the way the show is going (downhill) if they need a permanent police station set.

Anonymous said...

How about a рermanent hosрital next to an abortion clinic with a drugs rehab centre next to the church (for Billy) :)

Cobblestone said...

I do hope we’ll get to know the regular Desk Sergeant, because they’ve used the same actor in the role for years now (a bit like the regular registrar) Gives a nice touch of continuity.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm wondering whether the police would assign PCs to a station on their own street or anywhere they'd be likely to know offenders as well as victims. Wouldn't that be a conflict of interests? But, of course, Craig will get a permanent post there and be miraculously on duty every time there's an incident on the stree.


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