Monday, 26 March 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 26 March

Monday 26th March
AUDREY​ ​PUTS​ ​ROSEMARY​ ​TO​ ​THE​ ​TEST Gail explains to a sceptical Audrey, Roy and Brian that Richard Hillman has put a curse on the family and Rosemary has offered to help, in return for payment. Having been summoned to the salon Rosemary is shocked to find the group of friends but recovers her composure and insists Gail needs her help. As Audrey, Brian and Roy leave the salon Audrey is knocked to the ground by a gang of youths who steal her handbag, as Audrey is taken to hospital Gail is convinced this is proof of Richard’s curse!
DAVID LOOKS FOR A WAY OUT David and Shona argue over his decision to emigrate, whilst Maria points out the visa might be a problem. Martin arrives but sensing an atmosphere he leaves only to be intercepted by Josh who tells him David was angry he was moving so far away. 
THE ROVERS FAMILY DAY PROMOTION GETS OFF TO A ROCKY START Leanne announces the brewery are going to do a ‘Family Local’ promotion and are sending a photographer round but things get off to a rocky start when Oliver draws all over his face with marker pen and Simon disappears. ELSEWHERE Legacy Reach site manager Mona arrives and shocks Phelan with some news. He won’t be paid for his shoddy work as the concrete he has laid has to be dug up and done again!

Monday 26th March
SIMON​ ​DOES​ ​THE​ ​RIGHT​ ​THING Peter and Leanne are shocked to hear what Roy has to say about Simon. 
MARTIN QUESTIONS DAVID’S DECISION David is furious to discover from Martin that Josh has been speaking to him. Martin tells David that he is baffled by the rush to move and that he should take his time whilst Sarah points out that Shona and the children don’t want to move either. As they prepare to wave Martin off David reaches a decision. 
EVA SPIES A PHOTO OPPORTUNITY As a sheepish Steve arrives at the Rovers with a marker pen covered Oliver, Eva comes to the rescue and suggests giving him face paint to disguise the pen. Henry is delighted with the results.
ELSEWHERE Carla gets the keys to the factory and gets Aidan to rally the workforce. Following Audrey’s advice Gail tells Rosemary she has decided to let sleeping dogs lie, Rosemary tells her she is making a terrible mistake.

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