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Friday, 23 March 2018

Coronation Street episode review, Thur 22 March, 8.30pm

I know I promised I would be here for the Friday episodes – but due to football one episode of Corrie appeared this evening and was a pretty easy introduction for me.

David wakes up on the sofa in Martin’s house having taken Max and Lily for a visit and to distance himself from his problems in Weatherfield.  Martin knows that David is suffering from something stressful – or is ill – but David is not talking and David will not let the children out of his sight.  Shona is again getting no answer to her phone calls.  Martin tells David that New Zealand is going to be good for him and he has a good house and it is very safe.  David does not even give Martin the chance of a catch up before he is heading back to Weatherfield.  Once back home David announces to Shona that they should move to New Zealand as well - no discussion!  Shona, Gail and Audrey try to convince him otherwise.  And then David drops the bombshell – he will move even if Shona does not come – her choice.

Tyrone and Ruby are staying with Kev – but since he gently smacked Ruby the latter is saying she hates Tyrone and will not even come downstairs and she refuses to hold hands when they go outside.  Fiz meanwhile is using the sleepover excuse again.  Gina tells Fiz she saw Ty with Gemma earlier and Fiz is upset every is gossiping about her.  Ty is just grateful for the help Gemma has given him and he and Chesney have words as Chesney knew about Hope whom Fiz is taking to the doctor.  Ruby wants her tea with Hope when they see each other in the Street. 

Ali has spent the night with Carla – so it looks like she has achieved a full recovery.  He departs through the cafĂ© and both he and Carla make it seem that he responded to a very early call out (do you know any doctors who actually do home visits these days?  No me neither!).  Robert gives Carla a message from Michelle about their meeting at Mayor Metcalfe’s later and invites Ali to train with him.  After the training Ali spots Carla and Michelle together and Robert confirms they are very close friends. 

Rosemary Piper (Sophie Thompson) has asked for another meeting with Gail as she has had more messages from Richard.  Apparently Richard has laid a curse on the family and to deal with it Rosemary is going to need to charge and there will be quite a few sessions.  Brian overhears the conversation as he was in the Bistro chatting to the newly butch and assertive Chesney.

Carla and Michelle rock up at the Metcalfes' for a brew and once they have apologised for the way they behaved last time Sally feels it is only right that they should be the first to see the impressive Italian designer Freshco makeover applied to her living room.  Carla calls it “Very cutting edge.”  Sally adds she has always been keen on the avant-garde - Banksy, Tracey Ermine, it is so sophisticated!  Michelle thinks she has seen the design before.  Behind Sally’s back both Connors dissolve with laughter.  As they sup a brew Tim (with flowers) and Gina arrive and the latter identifies the wallpaper as being Weatherfield Freschco – as they have in their caff!  Michelle confirms she has also seen it!  Tim blames Kirk.  Sally throws the flowers back at Tim. 


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, very nice review.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Lovely to see Martin again, it's been a long time coming! I was shouting to David to just tell him what's happened!

Very surprised Ruby wanted to have tea with Hope knowing what a horrible little girl Hope is (takes after her Mum)....the child playing Ruby is a cracking little actress, she was so natural with Gemma.

I don't believe Carla would've gone that far with Alex or even snogged's just totally unbelievable. Alex makes a terrible doctor.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a child of Ruby's age would hold a grudge so long and say what she does. She's five not fifteen.
Also isn't there a chance that Alex would get struck off if Carla is a patient at the medical centre? (Genuine question)

Humpty Dumpty said...

I was relieved that Sean Wilson brought a believable Martin back to the Street. So often, these returning character simply don't cut the mustard. Absolutely brilliant rapport between Martin and David, quite moving. The Platt family needs a solid male character to balance things up. Hope SW can be persuaded to stay a while. The whole medical centre set-up is a joke. Consulting rooms aren't conveniently slap bang behind reception so staff and patients can overhear albeit loud conversations. Carla and Alex - ridiculous, and maybe Michelle will report him out of revenge but then regret it. Yes, Ruby is great.

Shells said...

Love Ruby! But agree that a 5 year old might not hold a grudge like that.

Thought the scene with Fiz dragging Hope into the medical centre was weird. And then Ty standing there not bothering to help. Now he is as bad as Fiz, calling himself Hope's Daddy one day and acting like she's not my kid the next. Those poor girls, never knowing if they are really considered the kids of the step-parent.

Anonymous said...

Shells,Fiz is the villian telling Tyrone he has to take HIS daughter to counselling because Ruby is like her mother but when she finds out Hope is the brat,Fiz kept quiet allowing Ruby to take the blame for more of Hope's bad behaviour which led to her being slapped by her father and is afraid of him.
Now if Fiz told Tyrone the truth sooner instead of keeping quiet as revenge for Tyrone's one night stand with Gemma,then perhaps Tyrone would have gone with her and Hope again to counselling just as he did when Hope was ill with cancer.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anonymous):

I agree with Shells-I was surprised that Tyrone was so petty. Surely, Hope needs his help more than ever, regardless of Fiz's behaviour. To just walk away from her seems cruel, especially when you think of all he did for Hope when she had cancer. Why would he abandon her now?
Carla's character seems VERY directionless--she seems to be wandering around the set, very much at loose ends since she returned. Carla has actually been a frequently cruel and quite ruthless character (if you think about it) but she was also a very driven, goal-oriented businesswoman--so, yes, taking time out of her life, so that she can laugh at Sally's house seems out of character. And as to pouncing on and bedding any under-thirty man who is in her company for more than five minutes???!!! Okay, maybe she's having a mid-life crisis, but she always had a little more discrimination and class than that!

Loved Martin's return--he was always one of my favorite characters and his low-key, easy-going nature (in contrast with the highstrung nature of the rest of the Platt-Tilsey clan) was again on display.:) :)

Louby said...

I loved Martin's return. Totally believable, just like I remembered him apart from being a bit older! (I am a similar age so I'm feeling very old at the moment!!) Whoever wrote those scenes did a brilliant job.

Would a person really be able to drink alcohol so soon after a serious operation? I'm guessing the answer is probably no, but that would get in the way of a juicy storyline.

maggie muggins said...

Nice write-up, Kosmo! Good to have a breather from the 6-eps a week schedule. That opening scene with Martin there right away was wonderful! I agree, he's fit in like he's never been gone and even seems even more Martin-y than earlier. He left under a cloud and comes back a warm. caring father.

The Hope and Ruby storyline is a tough one because it involves very young children. Tears at the heartstrings, but it needs to be done carefully or it's going to get annoying. The little actors must be getting some great coaching because they are doing an amazing job at a tender age.

Is Gail really this gullible? If Rosemary asked Audrey for all that money, Gail would throw her out on her ear! (Lerve Sophie Thompson from Detectorists.)

Anonymous said...

I think Tyrone is seeing a different side of Fiz and maybe a little infatuated with Gemma. She has a nice, natural way with both girls.


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