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Monday, 19 March 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 19th March

When I first read about the David rape storyline, my first thought was: Oh god, I hope it's not on a Monday. I was relieved that it wasn't, but then realised I'd be recapping the aftermath, which is just as hard. We open with David waking up, the first thing he sees is Josh's face - a photo, the actual Josh is out, having left David a note, as if nothing has happened. Back home, he faces Shona's wrath, then tries to cleanse himself in the shower, throwing his clothes away, before finding his attacker in his living room, causing him to run outside to throw up. In a creepy scene, David tells Josh he knows what he did and Josh denies it, saying it was consensual, but admits that he spiked the drinks. Josh is appalling, but I have to say that Ryan Clayton is brilliant in this scene. He further manipulates things by telling Shona that David was upset about Martin and needed to let off steam and so Shona forgives her boyfriend. "I wish I'd come home," he says heart-breakingly.

I'm glad that we're getting a little bit of fun out of the ridiculous surrogate storyline (even Toyah has now realised that this is going to be more complicated than she had originally thought). Toyah and Eva go off to their ante-natal class, pretending that they're going to a Spanish French class. Leanne, left out, follows them, so they have to pretend the class is cancelled, and so Leanne organises for Ken to give them a private lesson in the backroom. You know, it'd be a lot easier to just let Leanne in on the secret.

Michelle makes an enquiry about booking Millbrook Hall (a.k.a Ryecroft Hall, no doubt) for her nuptials, because, as Robert says, she wants to belt out a power ballad in the ballroom. Michelle is the sort of person who would insist on singing at her own wedding. Ali is off the guestlist, but I'm wondering which Ryan's going to turn up? Maybe a whole new one? Dr Ali is invited to something - Tyrone asks him to be the boxing match ringside doc, but when he finds out it's Robert's idea, he turns Ty down, only for Steve to persuade him otherwise. Helped by Steve, Robert starts to bond with his sort of step-son, but as we see Ali once again yelling at his other mum, Wendy, it might be harder than he thinks.

Rita enlists Carla's help in persuading Gemma not to accept her sacking from Prima Donner. Nice to see a bit of actual personnel law, rather than the usual fire and re-hire two weeks' later. But Chesney won't talk to her, so it's up to "Aunty" Cathy to call in "Uncle" Dev, who sorts it out, although Chesney still refuses to play nice with his ex-friend.

And finally, Gail agrees to meet with Rosemary the psychic, who tells her that she wants to get rid of  the malevolent spirit who's hanging around. Gail is easily persuaded when Rosemary implies that the bad things that happen to the family Platt are because of Richard's ghost. I thought it was because they're in a soap!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

The only part of David's story that fails is that he was easily beguiled by Josh because he has never had any friends. Graham was a friend and, anyway, David is no more friendless than Sean or Robert. Hardly anyone has friends on Coronation Street. I think it would have been more interesting if Robert had been targeted because the point is that assault and abuse can happen to anyone. The current storyline allows Martin back into the family so, although I'm looking forward to his return, it's yet another Platt on the Street.

Anonymous said...

Toyah and Eva can't let Leanne in on the secret as she'd never keep that from Peter. I've lost count of the number of pally scenes Leanne and Peter have had together - it's clear the connection between them is still alive. Leanne was the one that stopped Peter from drinking at Christmas and gave him the false alibi last summer despite being with Nick and just having had Steve's baby.

It feels pretty clear that Peter and Carla's spark has been and gone, their scenes last month felt dreadfully forced and a reunion between these two just doesn't fit in with Corrie circa 2018. The writers ought to go with what feels organic story wise and not an overhyped social media fad from 2012.

With Leanne now living with Peter again and both having sons from different relationships after the birth of Ollie, they would be equals going into a relationship. Leanne seems to have finally forgiven Peter for the Carla affair after years of bad blood between the two. I really hope the writers see sense and this results in Peter and Leanne finally getting back together.

Tashacat said...

I agree with everything Anonymous has written. Peter and Leanne have always had chemistry and I think the writers should work with it.

Anonymous said...

I also agree! I have always enjoyed Peter and Leanne together, both good actors and have great chemistry. I felt Peter and Carla was so one sided and I never liked that union. Come on writers, how do you not see it?
Side note, when is Georgia contract up? I thought she was signed for a year and that was awhile ago. Didn't read of an extension.... Hopefully she'll leave too once this stupid baby storyline has come out...

Rapunzel said...

No way. I love Toyah. Don’t vote her off!!


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