Sunday, 13 August 2017

Steve and Leanne - the new Jack and Vera of Coronation Street?

Okay, so Steve and Leanne's engagement is off, for now, after she gave him back his ring last week on Coronation Street.  But with the majority of fans voting in our poll against Steve getting back with Tracy I'm left wondering if the powers that be at Corrie will put Steve and Leanne back together again?

Their too-short-lived relationship proved a winner with fans online and here on the Coronation Street Blog.  Much was said about them becoming the new Jack and Vera and although this phrase crops off often about Corrie couples, it's the first time I've actually thought to myself... you know what, it just might work

Loud and common Leanne would make a perfect new Vera, gobby and brash but fiercely protective of her man.  And Steve could buckle down and make good at the pub again, after he and Leanne take up the reins behind the bar.

What do you think? Should Corrie put Steve and Leanne back together again and make it work, this time?  Could there be a Mrs Leanne Anika McDonald on the Street one day?

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abbyk said...


And don't make it happen too quickly. Let them find their way back to each other at something less than warp speed so we can delight in it instead of scratching our heads.

Humpty Dumpty said...

So much depends on whether the actors want to stay long-term. Both actors were young when they first appeared whilst Bill and Dawn had already had careers around the clubs and perhaps were ready to settle down. But even a short stint as a new Jack and Vera would be a great asset. Agree with abbyk, please let it be a slow burn. Simon and Jane have fantastic chemistry, and Jane has been seriously wasted in recent years.

coconno196 said...

Ooh yes! I was amazed at how well they worked together, considering they'd barely spoken before their one-night stand. Plenty of humour and believable affection between them, just what Corrie needs.

Jane said...


Jane Danson can make anyone she's paired with look good, and Leanne and Steve are two of my favourite characters, but as a couple it really doesn't work for me, there was no real chemistry.They are better off as friends. The look on Peter's face at one point during the engagement made me wonder if there is unfinished business there, but if they are expanding the set to accommodate extra episodes, why not pair them with new characters?

The IIregular Man said...

I think the hints of the beginning of an actual relationship between Steve and Leanne have been dropped, she's admitted that she 'can see why girls go for' Steve because he's the type of man every girl wants because he makes people laugh.

It would be best done as a real slow burn on both sides, though I can visualise at some point Steve becoming more confident with his dating chances as he embraces his natural humour and Leanne becoming jealous (while of course denying it) of his success

Flo said...

Absolutely! I wasn't all that wild about it to start, but it was actually quite fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

I thought 'the new Jack and Vera' were Beth and Kirk or, more plausibly, Tim and Sally. Is there a need for a 'new new' Jack and Vera, and is it perhaps all a bit hackneyed anyway?

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