Friday, 11 August 2017

More memory loss for Rita in tonight's Coronation Street

In tonight's Coronation Street, we'll see a second incidence of memory loss for Rita.

Last week we saw Rita and Gemma in The Kabin and Rita couldn't remember who bought Gemma the "Little Miss" cup for her - although Rita had bought it for Gemma herself.

In the episode to be screened tonight, we'll see Rita struggling to remember what she had for her breakfast.

Rita masks her worry about the loss of memory on the matter whilst Gemma fails to notice anything wrong.  

Whether Corrie are lining up a dementia storyline for Rita, or not, we don't know. But I do hope not. I hope it's just something, say, like an infection that can cause similar symptoms.   We've wondered if it's dementia (you can read about that blog post here) but I truly hope it isn't.   

However, the storyline is set to get worse for Rita when she has Gemma arrested next week.

You can read the full preview for tonight's Coronation Street here.

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Susan Shaffer said...

I agree that hopefully this is a temporary condition, I love Rita!

Where's Emily?? said...

Barbara Knox is a superb actress. I for one think it would be a fitting end to a long and happy career. While Rita is one of my favourite characters, it is entirely plausible for her to have some form of dementia. Barbara is into her eighties now and may want to retire.
The program is changing and sadly most of the characters from my youth are long gone and the program is changing (tackling some great, current storylines, just like real life.

Tvor said...

Spoilers for next week have Rita forgetting to lock the Kabin and Gemma's friends robbing her, but Gemma getting the blame. So all this memory loss is put in place for this to happen. At some point Rita will realize she forgot and maybe then will get to a doctor to find out what's going on.

pesty pet said...

I have watched Coro for most of my life. Its great. I love Rita but I think its time for her to retire. She has been great. I love the new stories looking into what can happen to you girls. I have 15yr old & 17 yr old granddaughters. Watching this has helped me understand the stress they have to deal with. Thanks Coronation Street.

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