Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Hallelujah! Daniel Brocklebank signs to Corrie till Oct 2018

Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Billy the vicar Mayhew, is staying on at Coronation Street and is signed up until October 2018. And this is news that cheers my heart, I love him!

In an interview with The Mirror today, Daniel talks about Billy's current storyline which sees him taking him Drew's daughter Summer.

Daniel, who plays gay vicar Billy Mayhew, is gay himself and knows that not everyone is happy to see him on screen, let alone involved in such a groundbreaking storyline.

He says “Because I’ve been out professionally since I was 18, I’ve been aware that I was overlooked for roles because producers knew I was gay, and I’ve had to put up with homophobic abuse on social media. People forget that you are a person, who still goes home to their family every night. I think they expect you to be thick-skinned. What they don’t see is when you shut the front door after a barrage of abuse and have to try to shake it off.”

He also talks about homophobic reaction to Todd and Billy on Corrie and his real-life growing up as gay too..

“When I was 14 I thought I was maybe the only person in the world who was gay. And it would’ve helped massively to know I wasn’t.”

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Tvor said...


Anonymous said...

I think we can call him Billy or Billy Mayhew if another Billy comes along. Why do we always have to have "the vicar". We don't say David the hair dresser Platt.. and so on.

Graeme N said...

I'm sorry Flaming Nora but i can't stand the character!

Abercrombie said...

I am not keen on Billy either - he annoys me at times with his immaturity. Todd is coming along now in a much more mature and responsible way. I really did not like the two of them poking around in Summer's private box and interfering. I know they are new to this but Billy of all people needed to have had much more sensitivity and to respect Summer's need to keep certain things to herself in her grieving process. Billy is so intent on trying to do the right thing by Summer, he seems to be losing the very aspects that are necessary - time and privacy.

Anonymous said...

I luv ya Billy. It's nice to see some one with a conscience. A kind heart is needed on the Street.

Anonymous said...

I think for someone who should be caring, compassionate and sensitive, Billy sometimes comes across as the opposite. Case in point: bringing Shona back to the street was really a slap in the face for David. How insensitive was that! Doesn't matter that she didn't actually kill Kylie, her relative did and that will always be a reminder for David.

Flaming Nora said...

Anonymous: He'll always be Billy the vicar Mayhew to me and when I'm writing a blog post with him in it, that's how I'll refer to him. If you'd like to refer to him otherwise and have a crack at writing a blog post yourself, let me know, we're always keen to have guest bloggers.

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