Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Corrie to make "soap history" with Phelan storyline

Nicola Thorp, who plays Nicola Rubinstein on Coronation Street, was interviewed on ITV's Lorraine this morning.

I have to admit I haven't seen this and it's not yet available to view online (at the time of blogging) so I'm relying on our friends at Digital Spy for this news item, with thanks.

During her interview with Lorraine Kelly, Nicola spoke about her character's recent discovery that Pat Phelan is her dad – although she's not aware of just how evil he can be.

And so, the question is whether Pat confesses all to his daughter?

"It's got to come out at some point," hinted Nicola. "He's got two choices; he can either own up to what he's done and hope she loves him for who he is, or does he do everything he can to hide it?

"All of that will be unfolding over the autumn – it's a really exciting time. If you don't already watch Corrie then now is the time to start!

"I can't reveal too much but what is going to happen over the next few months is going to make soap history!"

Elsewhere during the interview, Nicola revealed that she had previously auditioned for Corrie to play another character on the cobbles, Kate Connor – but the role was giving to Faye Brookes instead. Reflecting on why she was turned down, Nicola admitted: "I remember meeting Kym Marsh and I was such a nervous wreck!

"I was sweating so much and I got all my lines wrong. Luckily though, I got another chance two years later and here I am."

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boris the spider said...

I truly hope the "never been done before" bit doesn't mean Phelan will magically turn into a "good guy" and we'll all be meant to like him.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Maybe if they'd paired Phelan with another female, perhaps Liz (Gail's too obvious) or even Erica, I might have warmed to him in the end. Eileen is a turn-off and Nicola is too contrived. The idea of the three of them as the new family unit doesn't appeal.

Zagg said...

Soap History? Somehow I am not buying this.

Maricha said...

Me either. What can possibly happen to Phelan that would be that significant?

Anonymous said...

I hold out hope that Andy is still alive. Has Corrie ever left the death of a major character so open-ended? The silence surrounding Andy and/or Steph and their fates, especially considering that Luke still lives on the Street, is deafening. Maybe Andy will return incognito and develop a relationship with Nicola by way of getting revenge on Phelan... The ptb already made a bad mistake turning Rob Donovan into a murderer. I like to think they kept the door open on a possible redemption for Phelan.

boris the spider said...

Phelan can never be redeemed! Even if he didn't kill Andy (and I don't think he did) - he's just a nasty nasty character and he's done so many other awful things that cannot be condoned.

J said...

Maybe Phelan fesses up and turns himself in.

Keira Allcock said...

By making soap history she could be referring to a possibly different storyline?

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