Friday, 4 August 2017

Coronation Street T-Shirt of the Week

It's time for the Coronation Street T-Shirt of the Week and today it's an unusual one indeed.  Florizel Street was the name suggested by Tony Warren, creator of Corrie, as the name for the new drama serial when it began in 1960.  However, a tea-lady at Granada said it sounded like disinfectant and so it was renamed Coronation Street.

I quite like the Florizel Street t-shirt. If you like it too you can buy it here.

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Anonymous said...

My mum told me recently that as a schoolgirl she went on a Granada Studios tour (рrobably 1959 or 1960) and she was allowed to sit in on a rather boring (for her) рilot for a new show in the future - I enquired as to the name of this рilot and was shocked to discover it was 'Florizel Street' - she was equally shocked when I told her that she had watched the very first incarnation of our favourite soaр! (John H)

fairycake said...

I would absolutely LOVE it if one of the new street additions to the set were called 'FLORIZEL ST.' What a brilliant tribute to our beloved soaps beginnings that would be! Please make it happen Granda and ITV! X

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