Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Phelan’s New Story Revealed

Next week in Coronation Street, we'll see Phelan’s chuffed to bits when Nicola calls and asks him if he’ll cast his professional eye over a flat she’s hoping to buy.

Then, Nicola will explain to Phelan that she took his advice and put in a reasonable offer but the developer laughed in her face. When he hears this, Phelan demands the developer’s name and then arranges to meet up with the developer, points out that he's also in the building trade and knows every scam.

Phelan leans on him to accept Nicola’s offer.  Thrilled, Nicola tells Phelan her offer on the flat has been accepted and it’s clearly thanks to him. In her eyes, Phelan can do no wrong - but how long can this last?

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Anonymous said...

I thought Nicola would have more about her than that! What a stupid woman, cannot see what is staring her in the face.

I would dearly love for Phelan, Eileen and now, Nicola, to be written out. The sooner the better.

Maricha said...

Wasn't Phelan's name mud in the builders community which is why he needed a reputable partner like Owen to be the face of his construction project? Either the other guy would be a crook like him and tell him to get lost else he'd set his own shady accomplices on Phelan or he'd be an honest builder and refuse to have anything to do with any friend of Phelan's.
Nothing Phelan does makes him look any better.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Presumably what Phelan was trying to confess is that he is still using violence to get his own way. I hope Nicola finally twigs what he is really like and disappears. Why do tptb insist that if viewers find a character loathsome, they must actually love hating them. I find Phelan creepy and repugnant. Fair play to the actor if that was what he was trying to convey. Phelan, please leave and take the equally loathsome Eileen with you.

coconno196 said...

Well said Humpty!
As for "love to hate" characters, when Tracy was at her worst I just wanted her to be written out, but since her personality change after Ken's stroke I almost like her. She can still be pretty nasty, but is funny with it, and no longer a pantomime villain. I love her scenes with Amy, Todd and Mary. Never bought Beth as her best mate though. They just shared a house briefly and unwillingly.

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