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Coronation Street Episode Review, Monday 7th August

Michelle is rescued pretty quickly from the boot of her car by a passer-by attracted by her screams  and she's taken to the police station. She is terrified that she has been raped and whilst having the exam, the previously silent partner of DS McKinnon turns up to get his Equity card let Robert know that Rich has an alibi for the kidnap. Encouraged by Will, who is hanging around the flat on the pretext of concern for Chelle, Robert takes matters into his own hands, literally, and gives Rich a beating. Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished and the coppers turn up to arrest him on suspicion of ABH. Which rather cleverly leaves the flat, and Michelle, wide open for Will. In case anyone hasn't got it yet, we see Will dropping Michelle's car keys down a drain. I do hope Will is going to explain all this at some point. I thought the graffiti and arson attack were to get revenge on Michelle rather than try to win her back. Dating her friend (which was a coincidence) and assuming Robert would want revenge on Rich - well, it all seems a little circumstantial and opportunistic, rather than a well concocted, carefully planned scheme. Also, how did he and Maria have a meal in the time it took Michelle to down half a glass of Shiraz?

Poor Leanne wakes up with a heck of a hangover and a new fiancé. There's no emoji for "whoops I got so drunk I got engaged". She, Eva and Toyah debate what to say to Steve whilst, over the road, Steve and Liz debate what to say to Leanne. Liz thinks if Steve likes her then he should put a ring on her. Amy overhears ring talk and despite thinking that Leanne is good for second best if Michelle isn't in the picture, she texts Simon the "news" and Leanne runs off to try and sort it out. Liz tries to help by dressing Ollie in a "Mummy Will You Marry Daddy" babygro and then the worst proposal Amy has ever heard takes place, which Leanne, erm, accepts! Everyone seems happy about it, even Tracy, apart from Gail, but when is she ever happy, really?

Kate has figured out in two sentences and a risotto that Luke has the hots for Alya and she's not best pleased; she doesn't want to be the gooseberry of the flat. All of the young folk are invited to Todd and Adam's solicitor office warming party, apart from Rosie: she was supposed to do the windows, but, as she says to Nozza, she's bored of window-cleaning, mainly because the overalls are blah. She tries to persuade Todd and Adam that she would make a great PA with all of her tenacious qualities (I guess good memory isn't one of those qualities as she did used to be Carla's PA in the factory). She puts off a potential candidate with some lies about the fictional previous PA and truths about Adam ("he'll just flirt with you") and Todd ("he makes sarcastic remarks"). Little does she know that there's another candidate - Gail, who presumably doesn't work at the Bistro any more since little Nicky left.

As for Alya, she dresses up very attractively and messes with the mixer in order to get Luke's attention, but he doesn't believe she's dumb enough not to know how electricity works and, seeing through her ruse, sweeps her up for a snog. They make a pretty couple.

Gary's upset because he has no job, no flat and only a gorgeous girlfriend to keep him happy. An old contact offers him a job and he drives off under the influence of Prosecco, although it's a text that distracts him and causes him to fall off the scaffolding. Don't text and build, kids! The employer wants him to bring his insurance documents, which I'm expecting Gary has let lapse, which will force him into the arms of his ex-army pal's private security business and away from the street.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something but since she's a lesbian,why would Kate care if Alya and Luke are dating?
Is this the set up for another love triangle with Kate having feelings for Alya?

Anonymous said...

I think it was more that they had an agreement that housemates wouldn't date each other.

Morethanskindeep said...

Gary's "gorgeous girlfriend" is a flaming moron and any man with have a brain would be less than "complete" with her.

Morethanskindeep said...

Sorry, English as my second language... "half a brain".

Diane said...

Ok are we going to talk about the excellent zingers in the episodes? Whoever came up with Liz saying "no more than you, Gayle." And "If Leanne Battersby, with her skinny legs and her less than c-cup breasts makes you happy, I'd say go for it!" I really f'n applaud you. I had to rewind the episodes and watch those clips again because I was laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

Great episode but perplexed by Alya's personality transplant and her seeming desire to hop into bed with Luke. Not that they don't make a nice couple--I think he suits her better than Gary and it's great that Luke is getting paired with someone his own age, intelligent, without all the baggage. But what happened to the girl who was saving herself for marriage? And why is Yasmeen (Yasmeen!) encouraging her granddaughter's randy escapades, not to mention giving her such demeaning and old-fashioned advice? When Yasmeen is the queen of self-respect. Seems totally out of character from them both.

Louby said...

I've liked Gary over the years but if all the character has to look forward to is domestic "bliss" with Sarah, then I'll happily see the back of him. Unfortunately it means Sarah will be paired up with yet another bloke.

Liz and Steve are brilliant together now Michelle isn't around.

boris the spider said...

Everyone's better without Michelle around. She's like the kiss of death.

Love Steve and Leanne together too, much better suited than Steve and any of his ex's (except maybe the long lamented Karen).

Rapunzel said...

Loved these episodes (apart from the whole Robert/Michelle/Maria/Will nonsense - seriously, why would Will suddenly turn psycho? Actually that's a rhetorical question as I really don't even care to know).

But I digress - I thought the scenes involving text messages and emojis were
laugh out loud funny, I love the Steve/Leanne and Todd/Adam pairings (in love and work respectively). Rosie will be fab as a ditzy legal PA. And I don't think she's forgotten her stint as Carla's PA - wasn't that last CV (from a Miss Wood, with PA experience in the "fashion industry) really from her?

Diane said...

I think Wills doing everything he can to break them up, get Robert out of the picture, and then can swoop in and "comfort" her/date her again. He's only with Maria as a means to be near Michelle

Robin said...

I'm not really buying Will as a psycho, but I always did find him a bit creepy when he first dated Michelle....so at least that fits. Maybe he's so pissed off that he lost his fiancé and Michelle didn't want to be with him in the end.

Pat said...

Jeanie- Why do you think Alya wants to leap into bed with Luke? Maybe she would just like some romance and courtship before she even thinks about sleeping with him.
While I'm on the subject I hated it when the phrase 'get into her pants' was used, it was so crass, even more so when Yasmeen was within earshot.

Tashacat said...

Agree with Morethanskinde and Louby. Gary is stuck with a girlfriend who is not only pretty dense, but also wants to tie him down by buying a 3 bed house. the present climate, how n earth would they afford that?

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