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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

5 Things We Want from Carla Connor's Return

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn
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When I read the news that Carla Connor was returning to the cobbles, it felt like my birthday and Christmas at once. This was for a number of reasons, I felt that her time on the street had become too miserable, as she had gone from feisty to victim, who endured too much. And I felt that her exit deliberately left things open, so there was always the hope, that the black attired one would return.

December feels like a long time away, but once Strictly starts, you can begin the countdown to Carla Connor's return.

There have been promises from the Corrie camp, that Carla wiĺl not be as put upon, as she had become. So, what do we want from the return of one of the most popular and divisive characters since Elsie Tanner:

1. Return in dramatic style. 

I would love someone to be talking about Carla in the Rovers, and in she walks with a "Hiya!"

2. Carla needs to be feisty, not miserable or washed out. 

Hopefully, the break has done her some good. But one of the reasons why Alison King probably left, is because things were constantly being done to her. She lost her heart and humour. Bring it back!

3. The factory needs Carla.

Get her back in Underworld. She needs to be running that place, team her up with someone. Alya? Then sisters could be doing it for themselves!

4. Keep her away from Peter.

In the words of Britney Spears, "He was toxic and she was slippin under." So, keep them away. Carla needs friends. So, hoping she makes some new ones.

5. Give her a new battle.

Tracy and Carla are done, surely? Their argument went on for so long, I was beginning to think it was over a mix tape! Carla needs an adversary, as she is best when tested. Don't mess with the best.

Meanwhile, welcome back to Alison King, a marvelous actress, playing an iconic character. And the news that she may be battling with Kym Marsh's Michelle might be the best news I have heard this week.

Forget Christmas, Happy Carla Comeback Day!

Guest blog post by Glenn Meads who is on Twitter and LinkedIn
You can read all of Glenn's guest blog posts here.
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here!  

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Rapunzel said...

And bring back Rob - they've some unfinished business!!

C in Canada said...

I'm with Rapunzel - if they're bringing back Carla, they can bring back Rob too.

Love it, and look forward to her return!

PoidaPete said...

I'm looking forward to Carla being pitted against Michelle. It'll bring a new dynamic to the both of them. Heck they could really mix it up and have Tracy side with her!
Keep her fully focused on business for at least six months. Maybe pair her off eventuall with someone, maybe a new character arriving with the newer sets? Definitely keep her and Peter separate. There's no point in flogging that dead horse. At best, maybe have them make peace once and for all with each other.

LG said...

Hear, hear!

Happy Carla Comeback Day! :D

We definitely need our STRONG Queen Carla back. Kate Oates, don't let us down.

I'm DELIGHTED that they are breaking the cycle of misery AND I agree that Carla should absolutely not want to reunite with Peter Barlow - BUT Chris Gascoyne needs some better material so I think we should see Peter struggle with his feelings for her.
They have all moved on but Peter is stuck with a drip of a girlfriend, obsessed with having a baby. Is anyone buying it? He had real passion with Carla. And the writers saw them as being like Burton and Taylor.
Time to shake things up again.

piedpiper67 said...

I concur with all of the above but I think the best battle ground will be with Jenny. If she is able to find a way to get back Underworld, the one out in the cold would be Johnny and Jenny wouldn't take that sitting down. Michelle would become too tedious very quickly. I love the actress but the character needs an overhaul from misery/despair/moaning to something we can like.

For the first year back, let's have her focus on being a business woman first and let the sordid relationships with a bloke take a back seat for a while.

Scott Willison said...

Don't marry her off again! She was with Paul for years, then in quick succession had two more marriages and a couple of engagements. Have her being strong and feisty and single. She doesn't need a man.

Newfy Pearl said...

I have had my break, now I am back and all caught up.
I agree with Aussie Pete. If Michelle will be the new enemy, I think it is a good time for Tracy and Carla to bury the hatchet and move forward.
I hope that Kate Oates lives up to her promise of renewing Carla not just rehashing!

Zagg said...

Oh my gosh yes....keep her away from Peter! Admittedly, he is stuck with the oh so boring Toyah for now. But Carla and Peter again...NEVER!

To me, it only makes sense for Peter and Leanne to get back together and be a proper family. Peter is perhaps the only guy who could be fair about raising Oliver knowing Steve as the real Dad. They Toyah could move back with her husband. Boring problem solved.

Unknown said...

I am WAY too excited about Carla's return! and YES! I agree that she needs to take over Underworld!!!

Unknown said...

Okay- I'm going to be taken to task for this, but Id like to see her with Adam. Get her scheming ways back. Get her feisty side back. And have another hit Scot on her arm.

Anonymous said...

Glad that Carla is coming back. Of course, let's hope that she stays away from Peter and the booze and she gets a good storyline. Somebody I wouldn't miss at all is Michelle; her character is whiny and gets on my nerves. Rich should target her...

Anonymous said...

I like her with Adam too.

Anonymous said...

She should stay single and open her own business with the money she gets from the sale of her Devon property. I say, team her with Yasmeen. Something new please and NOT underworld again. And exploit her friendship with Roy. She does not need to be a super bitch who fights with everyone, it makes her one-dimensional.


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